It was in January that we last reported on the adorable news that is the birth of the newest inhabitants of the Hungarian zoos. A dingo baby was born in the Sóstó Zoo of Nyíregyháza, and a gorilla baby was born in the Budapest Zoo. So far, March seems to be a pretty productive month for the Hungarian zoos as well. This month, baby iguanas hatched at Pécs Zoo, and a baby giraffe was born in the Sóstó Zoo of Nyíregyháza, reports Nlcafe.

Baby iguanas at Pécs Zoo

For the very first time in the history of Pécs Zoo, baby iguanas (also called desert spiny lizards) hatched. The sceloporus magister is a lizard species of the subfamily Phrynosomatidae.

animal zoo iguana

These types of iguanas are native to the deserts of North America. In the United States, this type of lizard can be found in the following states: Arizona, California, Texas, New Mexico, Nevada, and Utah. As these types of iguanas are phrynosomatidaes, their closest living relatives are the green and rhinoceros iguanas.

Fun fact: Pécs Zoo is the only zoo in Hungary where visitors can see this particular type of iguana.

These iguanas grow up to 14 cm. The baby iguanas are being kept apart from the others, for now, visitors cannot see them yet, but as soon as they are grown and strong enough, they will join the others in the terrarium.

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Baby giraffe in Sóstó Zoo

It has been three years since the last giraffe baby was born in the Sóstó Zoo of Nyíregyháza, it was time for expanding the family again. The giraffe baby is two weeks old, 180 cm and 70kg.

animal giraffe baby zoo

Currently, there are three adult female giraffes in the zoo, one adult male and two younger ones. The baby giraffe is yet to be introduced to the whole family.

The giraffe mama, Laura nurtures the baby herself and will continue to do so until the baby giraffe will be 12-16 months old.

animal zoo babay giraffe

The baby giraffe has a three-and-a-half-year-old sister Kamilla, who was not nurtured by Laura, the mother giraffe, but the zoo workers fed her in the first few months.

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