Vintage and retro clothes, furniture, accessories etc. are undoubtedly a huge trend nowadays. Budapest has a quite wide selection of vintage shops and thrift shops, so it’s easy to miss the best ones. To help you, collected 6+1 vintage shops to visit.

LoveBug Vintage

The first online Hungarian vintage shop, started in the April of 2010, and its treasure-chest opened in 2012, found in Buda, supplies buyers with the most unique vintage finds. The owner, Violetta Kertész, puts her whole heart into the business, regularly goes on hauls abroad, which is reflected in the diverse selection and the atmosphere of the shop.



Briefly: “vintage, animal print, fatty, anorexic, gypsy floral, motor bike, original, bubugao, statement and aimless clothes and accessories behind the market at Rákóczi Square”. Oh, and the owners are super kind.



Retrock is more than Hungary’s biggest vintage and designer shop. Throughout the years it has grown into a brand that represents ease, uniqueness and clear-out style. Probably nobody leaves the shop hiding in Anker Alley near Király Street with empty bags.



Imagine two girls, who sell vintage stuff in a small apartment. The owners (and vendors, mannequins at the same time) of the shop are the preachers of free self-expression. They don’t care about always changing trends, they believe in individuality. You can find them in Paulay Ede Street.



The vintage shop found in Rumbach Sebestyén Street perfectly fits into the atmosphere of the district with its high-waisted jeans collection, retro leather shoes and bags, and unique accessories. What’s great is that the shop is open until 8 pm, but you can stop by even later (just like Jude Law did).


Öltöző (Dressing Room)

It’s almost impossible to not find something for your taste among the many treasures, bijou, clothes, old postcards, coat and shoes.


+1 Humana

The Humana chain supplies Budapest with several thrift shops, but they also have businesses in the countryside. Due to their good quality clothes, constantly refreshed selection and most importantly, cut-rate prices, they are unbeatable characters in the capital city’s second-hand market.


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