Has it ever happened to you that you simply could not decide what to order from the menu, or even if you could make a decision about what to eat, the meal sucked? All you can eat restaurants are something close to heaven for people who have a hard time ordering at restaurants. There is a wide variety of dishes to choose from, and you have a chance to try everything they have to offer (not to mention the “all you can eat” part). Funzine assembled a list of the best all you can eat restaurants you can find in the capital. Let’s see which restaurants made the list.

We are in Hungary after all, so why not start with the all you can eat restaurants offering Hungarian dishes? (Note that some of these restaurant offer international dishes on the menu, but the dominant theme is Hungarian)

Trófea Grill Étterem

If you ask any Hungarian in Budapest to recommend an all you can eat restaurant, the majority of them will probably mention Trófea. Today, it has a chain of restaurants all over Budapest, and they also deliver. Prices might differ from restaurant to restaurant, but prices are around EUR 13 – EUR 21, depending on the time of the day (lunch or dinner) and day of the week (weekday or weekend).

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Royal Étterem

Royal Restaurant offers a wide variety of grilled meats and garnishes. They offer a great deal, EUR 5-12.5 for lunch and EUR 9.5-13 for dinner. Low prices are due to the fact that the restaurants are located outside of downtown Budapest where prices tend to be higher than average. Based on customers’ reviews on Facebook, the staff is quick and polite, the food is delicious and the place has a good vibe.

Új-Házi Vendéglő

Új-Ház Vendéglő (New-House Restaurant) is a family business offering all you can eat buffet for a very friendly price. You can eat as much as you want for one hour for EUR 4! This is pretty much the best deal in Budapest for an all you can eat lunch or dinner. The buffet has soups, salads, main courses and desserts. Customers love this restaurant for its domestic taste.

Rákóczi Grillház57

Rákóczi Grillhouse57 offers more than 100 different dishes to choose from. You can enjoy the meals for three hours for EUR 17 on weekdays and for EUR 19 on weekends (drinks included). You can choose from the buffet-style dishes including soups, cold and warm starters, salads, main dishes, rough marinade meats and desserts. Customers praised the good quality of the food, the nice service and the good prices (compared to other all you can eat restaurants nearby).

Photo: www.rakoczigrillhaz57.hu

Who does not like Italian food?

Ape Regina

Ape Regina is an Italian restaurant with a Sicilian chef. The place is very unique, because it is the first exclusively Italian all you can eat restaurant in Hungary, but it also offers an a la carte option for its customers. Dishes are based on traditional South-Italian recipes and made with quality ingredients.

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The buffet offers a wide variety of appetizers, soups, pastas, grilled goodies and desserts. Depending on whether you would like to have lunch or dinner, the prices are about EUR 13 – EUR 23 for which you can enjoy everything for two or three hours.

Are you in a mood for something more exotic? The Asian cuisine never disappoints.


Do you love Japanese cuisine? Then I got the place for you. Itoshii literally means “love” in Japanese. This all you can eat Japanese restaurant is near Nyugati Railway Station, and it is specializes in sushi. You can eat all the sushi you want for EUR 18 – EUR 22 (drinks included). The restaurant has free wifi as well.


Wasabi is a running sushi and wok restaurant. They have four restaurants in Budapest. Running sushi means that dishes come on a conveyor belt to your table, and you can easily select the ones you want to try and let the “unchosen ones” pass on. There is something for everyone: the restaurant offers pastas, sushi, fish and seafood, tofu, chicken, beef and pork dishes. You can eat as much as you would like to for EUR 19 – EUR 23. Prices differ according to adult or child, weekday or weekend, etc.

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Mongolian Barbecue

Mongolian Barbecue opened in Budapest in 1997. This all you can eat restaurant offers both Mongolian and Hungarian dishes for its customers. You can choose from at least a 100 different dishes. You can organise family or business events here as well (banquettes, bachelor parties or even weddings). The all you can eat deal costs EUR 12.5 – EUR 25.5 and lasts for two hours, drinks are also included in the price.

Source: www.funzine.hu

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  1. very misleading article. Mongolian BBQ is a NO GO place…. slow and arrogant service, bad food very old place nothing is renewed may years ago. without any shiny stars…

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