The winners of the Gastro Design Award 2017 have been announced, including, for example, a 19th-century farmhouse and the Ritz-Carlton’s restaurant, informs Travelo. The most stylish restaurant with an open guest area is the Babérliget Kúria from Polány, while the cosiest garden award goes to Fricska Bisztró from Veszprém.

The competition was organised by Turizmus Trend / Vendég & Hotel magazine. The professional jury comprised of well-known Hungarian and international professionals, mainly directors and managers of the leading hotels from Mexico, Dubai, the US, or France.

Nature Quest Resort – Homoki Lodge (resembling the special atmosphere of the Great Hungarian Plain) was first among the restaurants with a guest area hosting maximum 40 guests. Among those able to host over 40 people, Bistro Fine and Zwack Unicum Füves Bár both made it the third place, with the first place occupied by the Deák St. Kitchen, the Ritz-Carlton Hotel’s restaurant.

There was no winner announced for the second place.

Inside a Homoki Lodge hotel room

There was a separate category for those restaurants hosting over 40 guests that have an open guest area. Here the Babérliget Kúria won with its recently opened outdoors event pavilion. The Fricska Bisztró won a special award, ‘The Cosiest Garden’, for its friendly guest areas.

Babérliget’s event pavilion

There was no first place awarded in the category ‘Other guest area organisation and interior design’, but Füge bolt és kávézó (Figs Shop & Café) from Budapest was chosen second, while the bronze was given to the Kristinus On Tour Wine Bar. The Wine Bar originates from the Southern region of Lake Balaton, and is owned by the Kristinus Wine Estate, but

pops up at different places and events in Hungary.

Two hotels have placed third this year: Bambara Hotel from Felsőtarkány and Avalon Resort & Spa from Miskolctapolca. Babérliget Kúria from Polány placed second in the hotels’ category, along with Loft Budapest. Butik Design Rooms from Abádszalók was the definite winner of this category, thanks to its unique design.

A Butik Design Rooms hotel room

Based on the appearance and interior design of the rooms, Homoki Lodge from Ruzsa won, and in the category spa & wellness, Avalon Resort & Spa was the winner.

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