According to, the Romanian girl, who was left in a Hungarian roadside rest area, turned out safely.

Police were looking for the 8-year-old Romanian girl on the entire Hungarian section of M7 highway and on the Pest County section of M5 highway, whose disappearance was reported by her parents at the Zala County Police Headquarters on August 22 2015, at 8:11. According to, local police from Italy called the father at around 2 pm on Saturday. They told the girl was found by a family in a Hungarian roadside area, who carried on with their and handed over the Italian authorities in Trieste.

The little girl was heading with her family from her home in Romania in the direction of Letenye, while they stopped at several rest areas. They noticed while traveling that their 8- year-old daughter was left in one of the rest areas.

Then the Hungarian police started to look for her. Based on current information, the girl is unharmed; no crime has been committed against her.

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