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Budapest, December 15 (MTI) – Around 95,000 hectares of state-owned farmland have been sold so far to local farmers under a government scheme adding revenue of 130 billion forints (EUR 410m) to the central budget, the government office chief told a parliamentary committee hearing on Tuesday.

There have been only 10 “foreign customers” bidding to purchase 725 hectares of farmland, Lazar said, and added that those bidders live in Hungary and hold dual citizenship.

Plots unsold in the auctions will be transferred to local governments for social purposes, he said.

Lazar said he was informed about the state of the land sales on a daily basis, adding that the auctions would continue in January-February according to need.

The scheme is transparent and is fully in line with EU rules, Lazar said.


  1. It is a crime they sold stateland, the governemnt took away the only protection of our farmland in these troubled times!

  2. Will this land remain agricultural – or will the foreign investors turn it into “real estate” and make a killing as well as rob the country of its agricultural heritage?
    I hope that there are laws in place to control these things. Once the land is turned from agriculture into something else – that’s it. Hungary is a wonderful country. So many different kinds of food can be grown – don’t loose this. Don’t sell out.

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