On Sunday, the 1st of May the race of high performance cars, the Nagy Futam (“Great Race”) was held in Budapest, writes index.hu.

The site shares the videos and the photographs of a reader, who attended the event, and told that the cars passed many sights, including the Várkert Bazár (Budapest Castle Bazaar), where an accident happened, probably because of the cobbled pavement.

One of the vehicles slipped and hit the thin wire fences, almost seriously harming the spectators, including kids, behind the fences, which can be seen in the video below.

According to the report, nothing happened after the accident, none of the organizers went there to check whether everyone was fine, nor to fix the damaged cordon. Hence the reader sent the visuals to Index.com to call attention to the shortcomings of the organization of the event.

Later, the organizers published a statement, in which they write that, unfortunately, a smaller incident has happened at the show, as a Ferrari touched a cordon with its back wing, which resulted in the cordon hitting five spectators.

Copy editor: bm

Source: index.hu, indavideo.hu

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