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Magyarországom.hu recommends the Turda Gorge as the gate to the classic Transylvania, where a truly Hungarian atmosphere can still be found.

If you have ever wondered where you could get the feeling of Hungarian authenticity in Transylvania, the Turda Gorge has been cut out just for you. In case you have not yet visited the Gorge, we suggest that you visit the breathtaking nature reserve. The Gorge really is a must-see, jaw-dropping sight, which we have already recommended in our article about the 7 wonders of Transylvania.

The grandiose and fascinating view that unfolds when reaching the top provides a truly unforgettable experience.

Take a look at the compelling view in the video below:

I am sure that nature-lovers do not need any more reasons to visit the nature reserve. However, there is more to the Turda Gorge than just its natural beauty: legend has it that the origins of the Gorge are related to Saint Ladislaus, a well-known Hungarian king.

According to the legend, St. Ladislaus fought against armies of Cumans in the 11th century in Transylvania. When the enemy was just about to close in on him, the king asked for the help of God in his prayers.

God has indeed heard his prayers and drew an unpenetrable hurdle between the pagans and the Christian king: thus, the Turda Gorge was formed.

According to other myths, Saint Ladislaus himself cut the cliff to pieces using his sword, and the fossils in the natural reserve were coins scattered by the Cumans to draw the attention of the Hungarian soldiers. These coins, however, were turned into stone, as an answer to Saint Ladislaus’ prayers.

Although it may be impossible to decide which legend is closer to what had happened in reality, the Turda Gorge represents a significant and authentic part of Transylvanian Hungarians’ identity.

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Featured image: www.erdelyikepek.hu

Source: Magyarorszagom.hu

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