Imre Szabó Nyilatkozat Statement
Image: Doris/Facebook

Deep within this piece of furniture, the new owners have found a document of a man from Kecskemét who had entered the Communist Party despite his own conviction, 24 wrote. 

The Dutch page of The Best Social Media – which mainly draw their content from Facebook and Instagram posts – wrote on Thursday that a Dutch couple had bought a cabinet colourfully decorated with Hungarian folk art about 20 years ago, and they recently found a Hungarian letter in a hidden corner of one of the drawers.

The full text of the document reads as follows:


Below, I declare that, despite my political convictions, I am going to join the Hungarian Communist Party as this is the only way I can provide for myself and my family.

According to the 5,000/1946. M.E. edict, I was placed on List B without bail and I could only get a job if I joined the above-mentioned party.

So, under the influence of compelling circumstances, I am forced to enter.

Kecskemét, September 9, 1946.

Imre Szabó

The couple posted this surprising document signed by four witnesses in a Facebook post. This find is very rare as even in Hungary there are only a few similar documents left.

Similarly, the wardrobe with the Hungarian folk motifs is very rare and venerable itself. This two-door wardrobe that once held clothes was probably considered old even back in 1946, as these pieces of furniture appeared around the 18th century in the homes of the Hungarian peasantry.

If you are interested in other Hungarikums like the folk art on this wardrobe, then you can read this article about Hungarian embroidery. You should not lose heart if you are sweet-toothed, as you can learn more about one of Hungary’s most famous cakes here.

Imre Szabó Cupboard Szekrény Népi Folk
Image: Doris/Facebook

They’re looking for the Szabó family

The Dutch family is now looking for the relatives of Imre Szabó, and The Best Social Media is trying to help them, so if any of our readers have any information about Imre’s relatives or his family, please write to [email protected]


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