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The Sony World Photography Awards is one of the most important photography events in the world, where over 300 thousand photographers entered. Among the bests of these is the work of a young Hungarian photographer, Dalma Szondy.

The World Photography Organisation has organised this year as well the prestigious Sony World Photography Awards, where a record number of photographers entered in four different categories: altogether 326 997 entrees were counted from 195 countries. The shortlisted images in the categories Open and Youth were published,

among the best ones is Mindennapi konstruktivizmus (Everyday Constructivism – ed. transl.) by Dalma Szondy in the Still Life subcategory.

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Mindennapi konstruktivizmus

Dalma revealed to Szeretlek Magyarország that she took the photo in the parking lot of a supermarket in Debrecen. She commented that as human beings we tend not to notice or not care about the numerous manifestations of beauty that surround us: ‘If we walk with an open eye, then we can notice how marvellous simple objects can actually be.’

Photography is something new and old at the same time for Dalma, who had a keen eye for her surroundings and with the help of a camera and the support from her family, she was already clicking as a schoolgirl.

Today, Dalma is a Psychology major at Pázmány Péter Catholic University, but because of the tremendous amount of courses focusing on theory, she felt like she needed something creative in her life, that is why she returned to photography.

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She recalls the beginning of this passion: ‘I started following more and more photographers on Instagram and Youtube, and besides, I attended exhibitions and gallery openings more frequently than before. Finally, a year ago, I have decided to enrol in a photography course, where I learnt a lot about technicalities, but also had a chance to try my hand in different areas of photography. This is where I began to see what really interests me.

‘I look for structures, colours, lines. I like photographing people with their surroundings, where they complement each other, creating harmony. ‘

Dalma reveals that she feels like she has found herself in photography and is highly motivated to grow and strengthen her skills.

szondy dalma

She is both thrilled and surprised that she made the shortlist at the Sony World Photography Awards. Featured on the shortlist, her work will be featured in the award’s yearbook and presented at the Sony World Photography Awards exhibition at Somerset House in London. After this, the shortlisted photographs will be showcased at salons across the globe.

Dalma now competes with several other talented photographers for not only the ‘Open Photographer of the Year 2019’ title but also state of the art Sony photography equipment and a 5-thousand-dollar prize.

You can check out the rest of her photos on her Instagram profile.

photos: Dalma Szondyn


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