Balázs Szalay, Hungarian rally racer participated in the National Cross Country Rally Championships when, in the second race, in Bábolna, an accident happened, writes

Szalay and his co-pilot just crossed the finish line of the second race when they crashed into a ditch, at a 160 km/h speed. The crash lifted the back of the Opel Mokka, which then started spinning around. According to it did spin 7 times while falling to pieces.

The driver said that he was trying to focus on how to keep his hands inside the car, but after the door came off his elbow leaned out, which resulted in injuring his shoulder. Luckily though, he said there were no other serious harms (despite bruises and a slighter concussion of the brain) and according to the doctors his shoulder will be fine within 3 weeks. His co-pilot, László Bunkoczi only got some bruises.

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