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The Hungarian Office of the Prosecutor General is investigating because of conspiracy to murder.

According to, a young man hiding behind a police car approached a police officer on October 2 at 3 pm. The officers standing near the car were talking when the man suddenly stepped behind one of them and tried to steal the pistol of the sergeant. Fortunately, the weapon was in its case, so it was hard to get it out from there.

Furthermore, the officer noticed the movement of the man’s hand and managed to baulk the action even though the perpetrator tried to pull that out many times. When the officers standing nearby realised what happened, they helped their colleague immediately. After a couple of seconds, they managed to handcuff him. 

Below you can watch the video about what exactly happened at the Kőbánya-Kispest metro station:

The 24-year-old man’s goal was to

seize the pistol and the 14 bullets in it and kill the officers waiting near their car

– said the Office of the Prosecutor General in their press release.

Therefore, the office is now investigating for conspiracy to murder, but he did not accept that. The suspect acknowledged that he wanted to seize the weapon of the policeman, but refused to admit that he wanted to kill the officer with it. The court ordered the pre-trial detention of the suspect on October 5. If found guilty, the 24-year-old man can receive

one to five years in prison.

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