Hvg.hu reports that a South African girl, called Lindie Botes, decided in November 2017 to learn the Hungarian language. We know that Hungarian is one of the world’s most difficult languages, but it was not her only challenge, as she promised not to use any language books either. Therefore, she acquired the basic words and phrases of Hungarian with the help of online applications and thus set an example for all Hungarians. If our challenging language can be obtained only by online sources, more widely spoken languages, like English, French, German or Spanish, can also be learnt without spending much on private teachers. Here is her exemplary method! 🙂

Lindie Botes made up her mind on 20 November 2017 to learn the Hungarian language. She did not have any previous experience with Hungarian, but only in 2 months, she made phenomenal progress. Check out how she speaks Hungarian now.

You might be wondering how she achieved all this. As she states, she did not use any textbooks, and even for acquiring the Hungarian alphabet, she turned to online sources, more precisely to videos found on YouTube where she could also practice the pronunciation of sounds.

Besides this, for the improvement of her pronounciation, she used the application called Forvo which stores audio material and records from native Hungarian speakers.

Therefore, she acquired the basic phrases by listening to authentic material, and it is no secret that this method can be used for other languages as well.

Furthermore, Lindie also likes listening to Hungarian music the lyrics of which she follows online on the site of zeneszoveg.hu. Then, she interprets the music with the help of the Google Translator. In order to reduce the error rate of its service, she does not translate whole sentences, but searches for the meanings of individual words and finds out the meaning of the sentence on her own. She also admits that there probably should exist better dictionaries, but she still has not found a greater one.

To perfectionate her knowledge, Lindie uses Skype, too, where she practices the language with her Hungarian friend who also gives her grammar instructions.

And there comes one more important thing to know about language learning as she believes: if someone wants to get out the most of the learning experience, it is worth changing the language settings on one’s phone. This will help to get accustomed to the daily practice of the target language. Her example shows us how technology can be used in language learning benefiting from the diverse opportunities offered to everyone.

If you would like to follow Lindie’s Hungarian progress on Instagram, click here. 🙂

Featured image: instagram.com/hungarian_journey/

Source: hvg.hu

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  1. hello
    inspiring , effort, very good article
    language, is the bridge, to understanding “prefix” history to every subject
    great effort, a lesson, that if one can do it , almost all can
    k ramesh

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