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This summer, Hollywood is going to settle down in Hungary to make the movie Dune which is the remake of the iconic 1984 science fiction of the same title. The cast has been announced already, and the Spanish actor is reportedly the newest member of the project.

Bors wrote that the director of the movie, Denis Villeneuve, visited Hungary some years ago when he was filming the movie Blade Runner 2049 with Ryan Gosling, Harrison Ford and Jared Leto.

His newest Hollywood production features actors like the Academy Award-nominated Timothée Chalament from Call Me By Your Name, Rebecca Fergusson from Mission Impossible, former Disney star and singer Zendaya, the Resistance’s handsome pilot Oscar Isaac and Mamma Mia’s world-traveller Stellan Skarsgard.

Fans do not know how many appearances Bardem will have in the new movie, but he will not be alone during the movie’s shooting because he is bringing his wife Penelopé Cruz who has worked in Budapest before.

Bardem has been in the movie industry since 1990 and did several acclaimed movies and won many prizes such as an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor, a BAFTA and earned a SAG nomination as well. He gained critical acclaim in movies like No Country For Old Men, Skyfall and Boca a Boca.

Many iconic movie stars, singers and celebrities visited Hungary in the past few months.

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Featured image: Wikimedia Commons by Carlos Delgado

Source: www.borsonline.hu

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