Arnold Schwarzenegger in Budapest

Arnold Schwarzenegger is still in Budapest, at least according to his latest Instagram post. He initially came for media mogul and film producer Andy Vajna’s funeral but was not quick to rush back home.

The funeral took place on Thursday and Schwarzenegger was a big part of it with the speech he gave. It seems like he stayed in Hungary for the weekend, though – reports 24. He posted a photo of himself on his bike, in front of Vajdahunyad Castle.

“Life is all about balance. A 0 degree (celsius) temperature didn’t stop me from my morning bike ride, and my commitment to fitness didn’t stop me from enjoying some not 0-calorie delicious treats.”

He then posted a photo of his girlfriend and him spending time in Tímea Vajna’s doughnut shop. He clearly meant what he wrote about life being all about balance. It seems like there is room in his life for both a refreshing bike ride and a delicious but not traditionally healthy doughnut. In fact, he even took part in preparing the treats himself at one point.

Schwarzenegger spent quite a bit of time in Hungary last year, shooting the latest Terminator movie. To learn more about what he got up to during that time, click HERE.

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