21 years ago, a Hungarian girl was adopted from a children’s home in Eger and found a new family and a new life in New York. Recently, Isabelle started looking for a missing piece, nlcafe.hu writes.

Isabelle lives in New York City. Until she was 3, her name was Edit, and her adoptive parents took her in from a children’s home in Eger to grow up in the US. The little girl appeared in American TV shows, danced on the Broadway, and traveled the world, but her life was still missing something. She was looking for her Hungarian roots, her Hungarian parents, with the help of the TV show Keresem a családom (‘I’m looking for my family’). After a great amount of research, the traces led to a small village in Heves county.

Isabelle and TV show host Lilu

“I found out at the children’s home that my birth mother didn’t have the means to raise me. I’m sure she was having a difficult time, and I couldn’t have grown up in such fortunate circumstances if I had stayed with her,” Isabelle said.

“I would like to know how my mother looks, what she likes, where I inherited my brown eyes and hair from. I’ve always had issues with my self-esteem because I didn’t understand why my real parents didn’t want me,” she added.

After the birth of their son, Isabelle’s adoptive parents decided to adopt a child. A Hungarian friend of the family suggested that they adopt from Hungary. “I love my mom and dad, they are my real parents, they raised me, but there is still a missing piece I want to know about,” Isabelle said on the show.

Lilu and Edit

Host Lilu and the crew of the show started researching Isabelle’s roots in Hungary, and eventually found Edit Lakatos, who gave birth to a daughter, also named Edit Lakatos, in Ózd, 22 years ago. A year later, she gave her up for adoption in Eger.

“I got pregnant, my parents had died, I was alone, I didn’t know what to do with the little girl, I was out in the cold in winter. Nobody helped,” said Edit.

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The crew of Keresem a családom took a DNA sample from her and one from Isabelle in New York. A few weeks later, they got the results and it was confirmed that the two women were mother and daughter. Isabelle traveled to Hungary, and they greeted each other with a big hug.

Isabelle and her mother Edit

“Don’t be angry with me! I was homeless, I was out in the streets,” said Edit to her daughter, in tears.

“My life is very good now, and the people who brought me up love me very much. You gave them a real gift, and to me too,” Isabelle reassured her mother.

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