According to, the American ESPN media corporation’s football website, the, asked a French artist, Florian Nicolle, to design a personalized poster to all national teams participating at the 2016 UEFA European Championship. Some of them turned out quite interesting, but we should be satisfied with the Hungarian poster.

The Hungarian national football team is represented by our most popular player, Balázs Dzsudzsák, but what’s even more important is the slogan that they made up for our team: ‘More than magic’ can be read on the graphics. This invokes the Hungarian technique that is close to being an adage in Hungary, and definitely refers to the time of Puskás and the Golden Team, when the team was referred to as “magic magyars” abroad, especially in England.

more than magic hungary

This is a particularly flattering compliment, especially, if we take a look at the slogans other teams got. Some of them turned out a tad bit meaningless:

Iceland – More than an island

Ireland – More than green

Turkey – More than a star

Poland – More than a striker

more than an island iceland

Concerning the other countries in our group (except for Iceland who we’ve just mentioned), Group F, the posters Austria and Portugal got are not bad either. Austria is ‘More than potential’, while Portugal is ‘More than iconic’.

more than potential austria

more than iconic portugal


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