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19-year-old migrant Sarhadi Bilal Ahmad has been charged with rape and molestation. He could serve up to 10 years imprisonment and may even be removed from the country altogether.

According to, on the 29th of May, the Prosecutor’s Offices of Budapest Districts V and XIII charged Sarhadi Bilal Ahmad with sexual offences at the Pest Central District Court.  The Afghan man, who has refugee status in Hungary and works at a fast food restaurant, has been accused of raping a woman in a restroom.

The Prosecutor’s Office will put the man in custody. Ahmad is set to receive the upper limit for this kind of offence and may serve up to 10 years imprisonment, after which he will be removed from the country.

According to the report, the then 18-year-old man was working at a fast food restaurant on József Attila Street in Budapest’s V District. In the early hours of the 9th of September 2018, a young woman asked him to let her use the restaurant’s restroom. He led her to the toilet and tried to enter while the soon-to-be victim was using the facility. When the lady tried to leave, he entered the restroom and locked it from the inside.

He then asked her to kiss him, after which he promised to let her go. However, after fulfilling his wishes, she was only let out of the restroom after she was molested. The young woman called the police on the pavement outside the fast food restaurant using a borrowed mobile phone. The Afghan man fled the scene.

Sarhadi Bilal Ahmad also committed two sexual offences in June 2018 in District VII. According to the report, he exposed his male genitals in public in one of the incidents, while in the other he touched up a woman against her wishes.

The accused was caught in Germany and was later extradited to Hungary.

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