According to, yesterday was International Volunteer Day. On the 5th of December, the African-Hungarian Union (AHU) celebrated all the volunteers, who help those in need only because their conscience commands them to do so, without any financial rewards, all over the world and here, in the Carpathian Basin, in the heart of Europe.

“It fills our hearts with joy that more and more people realise the noble power of social solidarity in Hungary” wrote the organisation in its announcement. AHU’s members and collegaues want to express their gratitude for the endless love, support and encouragement of doctors, medical experts and altruistic volunteers, who work hard day-to-day so that AHU can accomplish the coordinated, medical and humanitarian programmes successfully.


The success of these programmes wouldn’t have been possible without the selfless work of the voluteers. During the ten years of the African-Hungarian Union’s existence, 35 doctors attended to more than 40,000 patients in the poorest countries of Africa as part of 14 medical missions.

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