The National Food Chain Office of Hungary recently stated that the laboratory examinations of dead wild boars found in the area of Budakeszi (Pest County) showed the severely dangerous pig plague. 

According to, the experts of the veterinary office immediately started the necessary procedure to stop the spread of the plague. The investigation about how the animals got infected is still in progress. In the restricted area of Budakeszi where hunting is allowed, mysterious events have been going on for a long time. In the recent few months, many reported dead wild boars found all across the area. The directorship of the area ordered immediate investigations. 

In five wild boars, the ASP virus was found during the laboratory examinations.

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Experts ordered that all the wild boars in the area need to be hunted down immediately. ASP virus was also found earlier in Hungary but only miles away from Budakeszi. It is believed that tourists who have arrived from ASP contaminated countries brought the virus to the neighbourhood of the capital, and it spread to Budakeszi and contaminated the animals.

The African pig plague is harmless for the human body but has severe damages to the economy because the contaminated animals need to be killed and burned immediately. For this reason, the spread of the plague needs to be stopped before it reaches the Hungarian domestic pigs in farms and villages. 

Experts stated that if anyone experiences a sudden loss in the number of pigs should report it immediately to the authorities.

Last but not least, do not throw garbage in forests and after taking a trip clean your boots and clothes with great care! 

wild boar, Hungary, nature


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