The association called Mátai Ménes from Hortobágy travelled to Windsor this week to take part in the worldwide-known Royal Windsor Horse Show from May 8-12. This year, the celebration was organised in honour of Queen Victoria’s 200th birthday. The horses of the Hungarian delegacy became the celebration’s favourites even before they walked out to perform.

Femina reported that the sight of the beautiful, strong and unique Hungarian horses from Hortobágy even got the attention of the Times wherein the Wednesday issue, the picture of the day featured one of the Hungarian horsemen with his horse. Besides the Times, other newspapers like The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph, the BBC, and the most popular newspaper about horses and horse-riding the Horse & Hound featured pictures about Mátai Ménes.

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“We brought the same show to Windsor we perform every day in Hortobágy. Usually, we performed during the evening for 7–7 minutes in two blocks and on Saturday morning.” – said Péter Szladek, the touristic and marketing director of Mátai Ménes.

Mátai Ménes, horse, show, Hungary

The Royal Windsor Horse Show prepared with ninety-minute-long shows evening by evening with sixteen horse- and dance-teams; featuring almost four hundred horses and six hundred participants.

Hungary was represented by five excellent Hungarian horsemen from Hortobágy: János Bordás, János Garai, Lajos Garai, Péter Kosina, and László Pinczés. The Hungarian team was accompanied by Gábor Nagy coach-driver and Lajos Kassai horse-archer.

Mátai Ménes, team, horse, Hungary

Péter Szladek also reported, there were no hardships and problems during their journey to the United Kingdom. The Hungarian horses were transported in a special horse-friendly vehicle to Germany where the team rested for twelve hours. From Germany, the Hungarian delegacy entered the UK by a ferryboat. The horses also enjoyed travelling; no intervention was necessary.

Mátai Ménes, horse, transport, Hungary

The amazing show by Mátai Ménes can be seen in Hortobágy almost every day. Also, on the 53rd Annual Horse Day in Hortobágy, the team perform their amazing act from July 12–14.

The British Royal Family also invites Hungarian folk musicians to almost every celebration they organise. Charles, Prince of Wales celebrated his 70th birthday on 14th November 2018. Buckingham Palace organised a huge celebration for His Royal Highness, where a Hungarian band called Szalonna és bandája performed and celebrated together with the British Royal Family. – READ MORE HERE 

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