maze labyrinth ópusztaszer csillagösvény

If you are looking for something exciting to do over the weekend with your friends or family (it is the best in smaller groups), then the Ópusztaszer maze is a great place to head to. As online magazine Sokszínű vidék writes, this adventure park was inspired by a film and was designed by an English expert who has built over 500 labyrinths all across the globe. So, who is in?

The Csillagösvény Maze Eco Adventure Park is located next to the Ópusztaszer National Heritage Park (the Heritage Park is recommended especially if you are interested in early Hungarian history), easily accessible by car, bus, train, or even by bike if you are in the vicinity.

This maze adventure park is unique in Central Europe, as it was built entirely from natural materials found in the region. The Csillagösvény Maze Eco Adventure Park is not just for children, as the mazes, the logic puzzles, the folk games are meant to entertain all ages, so if you head there with your family, including children and grandparents, you do not need to worry that one of you might get bored.

The Hedge Maze found inside the adventure park is the biggest in Europe and the third largest in the world. But it is not just the size of it that makes it interesting, but also what you will find inside. The Hedge Maze is dedicated to introducing players to Hungarian history, geography and fauna in a playful, exciting manner.

The maze is shaped by the mythical Hungarian symbolic creature, the legendary stag that helped the ancient Hungarians find the land where they could settle and which they could call their home – Hungary.

If you are crafty enough, you will make it out in one hour out of the 3.5 kilometres long privet walls with the help of Hungarian and English questionnaires.

maze labyrinth ópusztaszer csillagösvény

The next one is the Willow Tree Labyrinth which is perfect if you really want to get lost. This labyrinth too was inspired by Hungarian history. Even though the length of the walls is much shorter (1.2 kilometres), the height of the walls is around 1.8 metres which makes getting out a bigger challenge. The willow branches used for the building of the walls are from the River Tisza.

csillagösvény maze labyrinth ópusztaszer

If you are brave enough, you can also try the mazes during the night.

Children and playful adults are welcome to try the Folk Games (great for physical training), the Numbers War Game Field (a team game played on a field, where you have to guess the opponents’ numbers to eliminate them), or the Playground which tests your balance, and introduces you to the ways in which nature can help with everyday chores.

csillagösvény maze labyrinth ópusztaszer

The Adventure Park offers a great place for organising events in the form of a yurt. It is the perfect place for team building, family gatherings, school events thanks to the peaceful setting and the fresh air.

The creators of the maze park made sure to use only natural materials from the region for the sake of authenticity and to be eco-friendly. Electricity is generated by the sunshine, while the hedge walls are watered with a water-saving system. The hedge is trimmed by hand, and so is the rest of the gardening done, as to lower the usage of electricity and to make it easier to collect waste separately.



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