Balaton Uplands view

Finally, the long, rainy days are gone and spring has come. Now, the weather is warmer and the sun is shining so it is time to spend more time outdoors. has some excellent tips for you.

Panorama at Lake Balaton

The Castle of Szigliget is the most scenic one among Lake Balaton‘s shores. Additionally, the view from the top is mesmerising. One should climb up by foot because on the way one can admire the lovely houses of the little village. The last owners of the castle and the small town were the Esterházy family, who possessed the building until the end of World War II. The castle itself was constructed between 1260 and 1262 on behalf of the Pannonhalma Abbey. By now, it is entirely renovated and is one of the most popular destinations around Lake Balaton.

Spring on the ranch

The Ópusztaszer Heritage Park offers a great experience in all seasons, but it is the most spectacular during springtime. It is an Open Air Museum with a vast green area, beautiful lawn, trees, and flowers. There are 19 building complexes and three outdoor exhibitions that introduce the architecture of the Southern Great Plain in the 19th century. Farm people dressed in traditional clothes show their ancestor’s lifestyle. We can also meet the gendarme and the shepherd, who were characteristic figures between the two world wars. What is more, the farm school offers unique History classes for students, if registered beforehand.

Zsuzsi, the Tiny Train

If you decide to spend some time in Debrecen and you also want to spend some time outdoors, this programme is for you. Zsuzsi, the Tiny Train has been carrying passengers through the most beautiful areas of Southern-Nyírség for 130 years. Its path crosses the most popular tourist routes if you are in a mood for hiking. Travelling by this train also lets you experience the wildlife in the woods and on the fields. The train runs between Debrecen-Fatelep and Hármashegyalja.

Budakeszi vadaspar safari park zoo

“Wild” spring

Budakeszi’s fantastic safari park is easily reachable by car or public transportation as well as by a pleasant hike from Budapest. The park opened in 1979 and it aims to introduce the indigenous species of Europe in their natural habitat. The wild-boars, buffalos, wolves, bears, deer and other animals live in big, separated areas in the woods. Visitors can also take a look at unique bird species and smaller rodents. There is also a petting zoo, of course, where kids can meet tame domestic animals.

Adventure for the brave

The Sport and Adventure Park of Lillafüred is for you if you love to release your adrenaline. It is a great choice for all age groups, though. The park opened a few years ago in the scenic Szinva Valley by the Garadna Stream. This area is part of the fantastic Bükk National Park. The park has a wide variety of entertainment options: laser arena, cableways, segway tracks, an ice-skating and rollerskating rink, thematic playgrounds, streetball and poolball pitches, and also resting areas for nice picnics. The list is endless! 🙂

Colourful springtime walk

Vácrátót lies 45 kilometres away from Budapest, and it has an impressive botanic garden. Notably, it has the most significant botanic collection in Hungary. Sándor Vigyázó, the owner of the garden, asked a famous landscape-architect from Hungary to make plans. He designed a mesmerising garden with separated lakes, a waterfall, wide fields, caves, exciting buildings, trees in all colours and shapes, and a watermill.

Fertő tó lake

A ship to Burgenland

Fertő Lake lies in the north-west corner of Hungary, and the impressive fact about it is that Hungary shares it with Austria. We can travel by ship on the lake or cycle it around by bike. On the Austrian side, we can explore the small, charming towns of the country. Most notably, the historic Rust and Mörbisch, that is famous for its stage floating on the water, are worth a visit. Additionally, the lake has unique flora and fauna with 280 species of birds.

A lake close to Budapest

Lake Velence has a lovely shore. On one side, it is flat, but on the other side, there are hills to climb. The Log Castle (Rönkvár) in Gárdony is definitely worth a visit with children who love playing actively. On the eastern side of the lake, there is a watermill in Pázmánd. The Ingó-kövek are also in that town and are a good choice for those who love nature.

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