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An American soldier was electrocuted at the Ferencváros railway station when he climbed up to a cargo train transporting combat vehicles, reports ATV News.

As ATV News says, two soldiers were there at the moment of the electric shock, but only one of them got injured. They were taking part in an international military exercise, states the Ministry of Defense, although it is investigated by the Police why they had climbed up to the cargo so close to the high voltage lines. The Police were still investigating the case hours after the accident.

The Hungarian National Railways told ATV that not only touching the high voltage overhead lines can be fatal, but getting close to it, as well, as a 25,000 volts overhead line can make a lethal hit if someone approaches it in a 2-meter range. These high voltage lines are running above the cargo train as well. In order to avoid such accidents, passengers are only allowed to use the marked paths, passages, and platforms at the railway station as well as it is forbidden to climb up to trains.

The Ministry of Defense stated that the foreign soldiers were deploying their military equipment and personnel from the aforementioned military exercise. It is not yet clarified why they climbed up to the train.

“For safety-critical positions employees must take strict exams coordinated by a state audited organisation, which means that they are not only taking an internal course, but they have to take an administrative exam due to the life-threatening risk” – says Gergely Andó, traffic expert.

The Police enforcement was on the ground and investigated the circumstances of the accident. The ambulance immediately arrived at the location of the accident as well and started to take care of the injured soldier.

“40% of the man’s body suffered second- and third degree burns. What is more, he seemed to have broken his femur, thus our colleagues completed the necessary operations on the site in accordance with the protocol for severely injured.” – reported Pál Győrfy, spokesman of the National Health Service.

The injured soldier was taken to the military hospital in Budapest where he is still being treated.

Not a long time ago, the Hungarian army had a military exercise as well, learn more about it here.


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