The new government decree regulating the free movement to and from Hungary of those who are already protected against the coronavirus entered into effect.

The decree was announced on Thursday evening, and since 11 pm, it has already been in effect. According to the decision,

those Hungarian citizens and those foreigners who have a Hungarian residence permit and possess an immunity certificate will not be subjected to travel restrictions when crossing the border.

It means that those people who are protected from the coronavirus will be able to cross the Hungarian border freely not only in the case they have business to do either in Hungary or abroad but also if they travel for personal reasons.

This is quite a huge step for those having been vaccinated or having suffered through the virus and thus having received their immunity certificate. It is a big step towards a relatively free summer as the vaccination programme in Hungary is still considered one of the fastest in Europe.

In only a couple of days, cinemas, theatres, and gyms might be able to reopen.

On the other hand, even though 4 million doses have been registered in the country, the government is not yet considering the easing of the border closure due to the lack of social immunity.
And once it does, priority will be given to those Hungarian citizens who would not only cross the border for work but to visit their relatives. explains that the new decree issued on Thursday means that those who return to Hungary with the Hungarian immunity certificate in their pocket will not have to go into quarantine. Moreover,

those who return home from a country that has previously signed a bilateral agreement with Hungary accepting one another’s immunity certificate will also be excused from having to spend 10 days in isolation.

Currently, this bilateral agreement is in effect with Serbia and Montenegro, but Hungary is already in the process of conducting negotiations with several other countries. The decree stating this new arrangement with the two countries was also issued in Magyar Közlöny by Minister of Foreign Affairs Péter Szijjártó.

The decree will impact more and more foreign citizens living in Hungary as well. Going through covid and being able to prove it with a positive PCR test was the only way to receive an immunity certificate (diplomats excluded, of course). The situation is especially tricky for those foreigners who, despite living in the country, are not employed by a Hungarian company. This made it impossible for them to apply for a Hungarian social security number and receive the vaccine in Hungary. Up until this week. Starting from May 1, those foreigners who permanently live in Hungary but do not have a TAJ card (social security number) will also be able to register for the two doses. And thanks to the new decree, they will also be eligible for the immunity certificate.

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  1. Where and how do we register? The registration website still reads the need for a taj card.

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