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The regulation on the immunity certificate has been amended: those whose immunity certificate has expired or is about to expire may renew it by proving that they have an adequate number of coronavirus antibodies in their system.

An amendment to the decree on the immunity certificate was released last night which shows that if someone still has 14 days before their card expires or if their card has already expired, they can receive the card again if they prove they still have coronavirus antibodies in their system.

This is by no means the first amendment made to the immunity card system: because of a loophole, it is also possible to obtain an immunity card without anyone having been vaccinated or ill. This is because, at so-called antibody tests, not all service providers ask for a photo ID from the patient, so the system can be circumvented. According to the managing director of the healthcare provider interviewed by RTL Club, the loophole should be closed. We asked the government in vain if the system would be fixed.

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The previously described verification is possible as follows: a test must be registered in a laboratory operated by a healthcare provider in Hungary in accordance with the relevant rules, which confirms that

the coronavirus antibodies are present in the system and that the person does not currently have Covid-19 infection according to the health records.

The testing phase of the vaccine passport accepted by all European Union countries has also begun, as we wrote previously. The EU Digital Green Certificate will include a QR code with a digital signature to protect the document from forgery. The European Commission has set up a gateway service to verify the digital signature of all certificates across the EU. This way, the personal data of the cardholder does not pass through, as it is not required to verify the digital signature.

Those who have not been vaccinated yet can also travel to other EU countries.

The EU Digital Green Certificate is intended to facilitate free movement within the Union; however, free movement, which is a fundamental right in the EU, will not be restricted.

If you are thinking about visiting the beautiful small country that is Hungary this summer, read more here.

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  1. Frist explain , WHY would it expire????
    WHY is there no expiry date on the certificate/card
    I am not telepathic either.

    You really do need a proof reader service .

  3. There is an expiration date on the certificates for people that had recovered from the virus.
    For those who received their vaccination, there is no expiration date on the card because it is currently uncertain how long the vaccines immunise people for.

  4. The new amendment mainly concerns those who have previously recovered from the virus. But there is also information about the EU green card in the article.

  5. Attention : Peter Licskay,
    You do communicate in the nearest form of English by “daylight hours” ahead of your fellow journalist.
    I do though fully concur with Oi – due to the times we ALL live, with the Immunity Certificate Cards and ALL other requirements – that Immunization Identification appears we will need – to move from and around Europe and the World, then returning to our home in Hungary, that it is IMPERATIVE – information is written and communicated in a higher degree of English standard.
    It is a Duty of Care – that should be taken seriously by ALL associated with Daily News Hungary.
    The engagement of a proof reader(s) – should not present difficulties – and would play an important part/role – in lifting the standards of articles – presented by Daily News Hungary.
    Peter – your standard and that you never fear – as you have done with in this article, write as a commentator answer(s) or offer your apology, for error or whatever in your articles – which is by me, muchly Appreciated.

  6. The change I am eagerly waiting for is that all foreigners who have been vaccinated IN HUNGARY and are fully eligible to receive the card can actually get one. It seems this has been a problem for many, with or without TAJ numbers.

  7. Thanks for your reply Peter, but with all due respect I already know that. The Title below would have answered my question 100%. Jó hetet kívánok és egészségesek maradjatok !!
    Breaking – Important change to come FOR Hungarian’s WHO HAVE PREVIOUSLY CONTRACTED COVID-19 AND THEIR immunity certificate.

  8. Can I just say, and I’m very sorry, but I haven’t a clue what this article is about. Do the vaccine cards expire? Even though we’ve been vaccinated do we still need to have an antibody test? I’m having my second Pfizer jab on Wednesday, so will there be a timescale after? I have printed in English the certificate of vaccination, which the doctor completes as their stamp is required. I believe that the English version is required for travel. Is that right? I will take that on Wednesday but she’ll have to redo the first one which was in Hungarian. Is this article solely for those who have recovered from the virus.

  9. if you have had covid ,you will not get it again,,,or spread it ,FACT
    same with vaccination ,
    its all lies ,to make you jump thru even more hoops .and move goal posts ,
    do not bother, just get EU green app ,after test ,,
    do not bother with the vaccine ,
    then you can go where you wish

  10. First hurdle for foreigners who have been vaccinated IN HUNGARY will be to obtain the card as all foreigners that I know and have been vaccinated months ago didn’t receive a card yet.

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