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Immunity certificate, Hungary. Photo: Daily News Hungary ©️

The Hungarian government is gradually easing the restrictions imposed to curb the coronavirus pandemic. To do this, the number of people vaccinated in Hungary must increase. Anyone who has received the first dose of one of the vaccines can receive the Hungarian immunity certificate, thus enjoying the benefits. However, there were problems with the system around the immunity certificate.

With an immunity certificate, you can enjoy many benefits. You can go to restaurants, theatres, cinemas, and baths. There have been problems with the immunity certificate before. For example, foreign citizens living abroad but vaccinated in Hungary have difficulty accessing their Hungarian immunity certificate. RTL Klub News reports that

it is also possible to obtain an immunity certificate without someone being vaccinated.

According to RTL News, not all service providers request a photo ID during the antibody test. If you go to get tested on behalf of someone else, it is considered a forgery. Therefore, you could face up to five years in prison. However, the police only investigate such a case if a report is made, which is very rare. According to the executive of the healthcare provider interviewed by RTL Klub, the loophole should be closed by the Hungarian government. Several readers of also complained about the Hungarian immunity certificate.

Someone was already in hospital on a ventilator when she received her immunity certificate.

She received the first dose of the Russian vaccine, which does not protect at all for 14 days after the first jab. Many think that it is irresponsible to send the immunity certificates so early, as full protection has not yet been established by that time. The government is irresponsible in this regard, and it will also make people irresponsible. Many are not even aware that the first dose does not provide complete protection and that the vaccine takes time to work.

There was a man in Tatabánya who had not yet been vaccinated but still received an immunity certificate.

The man reported the problem to the authorities as well as tried to find out what might have happened. The reason for the mistake has not been determined yet. Another man reported that he had received his second dose of vaccination 6 weeks ago but has not received an immunity certificate. The app does not work for him either. The source of the problem is that the person’s passport number has changed. He contacted several authorities with his problem, but no one could help him. Many times, they did not even respond. Hopefully, the Hungarian government will see the problems that arise and try to fix them.

Source:, RTL Híradó

  1. There is a problem for those of us who are residents of Hungary and have been vaccinated here but have no TAJ number. It appears that the government is simply not going to do anything about providing us with any kind of proof of vaccination. Here is the reply I received when I asked the relevant government authority about this problem:
    Tisztelt Levélíró!
    Legnagyobb sajnálatunkra sem tudunk ebben a kérdésben segíteni, jelenleg a külföldi állampolgárok oltása a vakcinaregisztrációnál megáll, központi tájékoztatás nem érkezett arra vonatkozóan, hogy az Ő oltakozásukat hogyan kell adminisztrálni, és hogyan tudnak majd védettségi kártyát igényelni. Jelenleg a jogszabály nem rendelkezik az oltásról és a védettségi kártya gyártásról a külföldi állampolgároknak, ezért ebben a kérdésben nem tudunk segíteni, a külföldi állampolgárok, akiknek nincs magyar TAJ azonosítójuk nem kapnak védettségi igazolványt.

    Unfortunately, we cannot help in this case, currently the vaccination of foreign nationals is stopped at the vaccine registration, there is no central information on how their vaccination should be administered and how they will be able to apply for a immunity card. Currently, the legislation does not provide information for vaccination and the production of immunity cards for foreign citizens, therefore we cannot help in this case, foreign citizens who do not have a Hungarian TAJ ID will not receive immunity cards.

  2. Zed – n nothing to do with Taj cards. The communist hangover ID card system is the problem. The nonsense here does not accept passport numbers from non formerly Communist countries.Says a lot about this place.

  3. Strange Hungary won’t allow foreign residents in the country to get vaccinated but uses tax payer monies for political gain by giving vaccines to other countries.

  4. Yet again, someone has ‘used my name in vain’.

    For the record, “AlfredE.Neuman” agrees 100% with the Hungarian Government’s policies in regards to vaccination of foreign residents.

    Hungarian citizens have to possess a ‘TAJ card’ in order to be vaccinated and those without have also NOT yet been vaccinated.

    It is therefore only natural that foreign residents WITHOUT a ‘TAJ card’ have not yet been vaccinated.

    Even individuals with very limited intellectual capacity must realise that the Hungarian COVID-19 vaccination program relies almost entirely on computer-generated information revolving around those individuals who possess ‘TAJ cards’.

    Those who do NOT have ‘TAJ cards’ do not officially exist – from a computerised viewpoint.

    The Government is currently working on this problem – without enabling illegal migrants and other ‘undesirables’ to be vaccinated at the country’s expense.

    Those Hungarian citizens and foreign residents WITHOUT a ‘TAJ card’ will just have to wait.

    As for Hungary ‘donating’ vaccines to other countries, only about 55% of Hungary’s citizens have been
    vaccinated to date – most of the other 45% REFUSE to receive protection against COVID-19.

    Rather than ‘throw out’ unused vaccines, Hungary’s Government is very generously enabling certain neighbouring countries to vaccinate their citizens by donating some of its ‘excess supply’ – something which those idiots in the European Commission / Parliament should have ensured many months ago (but failed to do – as they have with so many other important issues).

  5. To do this, the number of people vaccinated in Hungary must increase.
    so how low will deaths from flu ??? have to go?? ZERO
    .. but still we have to have vaccine. for what ,.??
    The danger of being struck by lightning,?? which is more likely ,

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