According to, Bucharest supporters hooted on a women’s basketball match on Saturday, but as it turned out, they mistakenly did it during the Romanian anthem.

300 ultras of Rapid Bucharest visited the event because previously the audience of Sepsi SIC (the Transylvanian club) hooted Kolozsvar/ Cluj-Napoca players. But they could not take revenge. They thought they heard the Szekler anthem and began hooting, but actually the Romanian anthem was playing. The ultras also fought during the match (with each other), so several of them were escorted from the hall. Finally, all football fans left the place. Sepsiszentgyorgy (Sepsi SIC) won the match 86-31.

Photo: CS RAPID – Sepsi SIC Sfantu Gheorghe / Prezentarea echipelor + Imnul Romaniei YouTube video

Copy editor: bm


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  1. i Know Romania must now be real proud of their young, dumb, inbred sorts. Looks real good on them, and shows you the dangers on inbreeding. These characters looked liked the Kurds protesting in Syria before the bomb went off. Maybe they should go join the middle east. I’m sure some of them there will want to join their parade then go kill each other like they seem to enjoy in the middle east these days.

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