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Romanian media says that their football team could have defeated Iceland since even Hungary could beat the Northern European team. Moreover, it seems that Real Madrid, one of the most successful Europan football teams, shows interest in the Hungarian Dominik Szoboszlai, who kicked the Hungarian team to the 2021 UEFA European Championships.

According to Index, Adevărul, one of the most well-known Romanian dailies, said that the Romanian team could have beaten Iceland, and so they could have taken part in the EURO2021. The paper states that the Hungarians are in extasis now since they managed to qualify for the European football championships for the second time since 1986. Meanwhile, Romania suffered a 2-1 defeat from Iceland at the previous stage of the qualification process.

The paper added that Iceland managed to defeat only Romania in 2020 and not only England and Belgium but also Denmark and Hungary defeated them. Interestingly, says that the Hungarians avenged the Romanian team’s defeat in a very vivid match.

Index writes that it is rare that Hungarian football players appear on the front page of Spanish sports dailies, but on Friday, Dominik Szoboszlai was there. Furthermore, AS said that Real Madrid shows interest in the Hungarian player.

Dominik Szoboszlai in the solar system of Real Madrid” – this sentence was on the title page of the AS, a Spanish sports daily. Tomás Roncero, the paper’s journalist specialised in football, said about the Hungarian midfielder that the professional team of Real Madrid

keeps an eye on the Red Bull Salzburg’s rising star 

who kicked Hungary into the EURO2020 (which will be in 2021 because of the coronavirus epidemic).

According to Roncero, the Spanish team follows a strict player recruitment strategy, during which they offer contracts to young but talented football players who they can buy cheaper. Afterwards, they train them, and those who are not able to become the best are sold in the Premier League or for the PSG. Thus, the recruiting team of Real Madrid follows many talented players all over the world. They are all “part of the Spanish team’s solar system.”

Roncero wrote that one of these potential stars is Mr Szoboszlai whose contract is due until 2022 in Salzburg, but 

Arsenal, Milan, and RB Leipzig already showed interest in offering him a place on their teams.

Based on the news, Real Madrid would like to sell Isco for EUR 30 million, and Szoboszlai would arrive to fill his place for EUR 25 million. Roncero also states that the Hungarian link is present in the Spanish team since the legendary Ferenc Puskás (Canoncito Pum) was Real Madrid’s most successful player in the ’50s and ’60s, scoring 242 goals in 262 matches.


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