ROME (AP) — Europe’s Olympic association scolded Hungary on Tuesday for claiming it has secured the backing of 16 European countries for Budapest’s bid for the 2024 Games, The Big Story – Associated Press reports.

As we wrote, the Hungarian Olympic Committee said Monday that Budapest had received support from the national Olympic bodies from central and southern Europe. A resolution, proposed by the head of Croatia’s Olympic committee, was approved by the 16 countries during last week’s European Olympic Committees general assembly in Prague, the Hungarians said.

Budapest is among four European cities bidding for the games, along with Rome, Paris and Hamburg, Germany. Los Angeles is the fifth candidate city in the race.

According to The Big Story, the EOC contested the Hungarian statement Tuesday, saying the Olympic committees of central and southern Europe are not an officially recognized organization within the European umbrella body.

The EOC also pointed out that the International Olympic Committee selects host cities by secret ballot and that members are not permitted to publicly state in advance how they will vote.

The second part of the article can be read HERE.


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  1. Too funny. I’m skeptically that the winning of the Olympic games is fair. Didn’t they say the same with Fifa? Dirty hands and deep pockets.

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