According to, a Hungarian short film had a huge success at one of the world’s most unique festivals. The international 48 hour Film Project contest is held in more than 130 countries. The challenge here means that the participants have only 48 hours to create a film, including scenario and reworks.

The team called Art Vader Motion ran in the Budapest round in November 2015. They managed to complete the work in 2 days.

Norbert Ádám Kiss, owner and art director of Art Vader Motion revealed what the biggest challenges were. According to the director, the horror category was surely one of those. However, the most difficult thing was to organize the team, including the actors, extras, make-up artists etc. in this very short time.

He said he and Ábel Sellei, producer and editor of the film tried to prepare in advance as far as possible. They spoke with acquaintances, friends and people they worked together with that they would come in 48 hours when it will be needed.

Norbert Ádám Kiss also emphasized the role of cohesion.

The result, Fine Dining is a spinning, immersive and dynamic film with an own rhythm. The sound and cutting are excellent work. It is also great that they used the trendy gastro wave and turned it inside out, told.

Fine Dining “horror movie” performed excellently in three different categories. In the round of cities, the movie received the best cuts and beset sound design award, and they won the silver medal of the public vote as well.

Photo: fine dining YouTube video

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