The Hungarian orientalist, Borbála Obrusánszky has published a tour guide of Azerbaijan, reports MTI. According to the author, this Caucasian country is a splendid destination for Hungarian tourists who are interested in historical sites, and for those who want a relaxing vacation as well.

Download (1)Obrusánszky had authored a similar book on Azerbaijan in 2011, which has been a very successful publication, encouraging the author to write a second guide for the Hungarian audience.

Ever since there is a direct flight between Budapest and Baku, both tourists and travel agencies have expressed an increasing need for informative, up-to-date publications on Azerbaijan. There are many factors that make this country a unique and pleasant destination for travellers, says Obrusánszky, from amazing landscapes and sandy beaches to the flavourful and rich traditional cuisine, Azerbaijan offers endless possibilities for a quality vacation. This Caucasian country might be even more interesting for Hungarian visitors, as the Azerbaijani and the Hungarians are historically connected, and supposedly, we have even shared our motherland for centuries!

One peculiarity of the book is that the author, Borbála Obrusánszky is an acclaimed scholar of her field, and she has chosen the informal style of a guide to bring Azerbaijan closer to those who have only little knowledge of the country. Obrusánszky shared her personal experiences with her audience as well, saying that the Muslim locals are very courteous with women and they always try their best to make visitors feel comfortable in the country.

The book, ’Azerbaijan: the brightest star of the Caucasus’ has been published by Táltos publisher and is now available in most bookstores.

based on article by MTI
translated by Laura Kocsis


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