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The BBC news portal has reported about the Hungarian government secretly allowing 350 Venezuelan immigrants to settle in Hungary. They arrived by plane already, and their integration process has started. BBC is sceptical about Hungary’s hypocritical migration policy.

Bbc.com reported about Venezuelan people with Hungarian origins being allowed to settle down in Hungary, with regards to the ongoing constitutional, political and economic crisis in Venezuela. The irony is that the Hungarian government’s anti-migration propaganda has been everywhere from TV advertisements to street posters.

“About 350 people have already arrived with plane tickets funded by the state. Another 750 are on a list, waiting in Caracas, and more may follow” – reports BBC.

#Venezuela #Hungary #migrants
Index.hu’s article on Venezuelan refugees

Who can come to Hungary now?

According to the site, the 350 Venezuelans had to prove Hungarian ancestry no matter how distant it may be. Many of these people with Hungarian origins do not speak the language though, so they are going to participate in Hungarian language classes and integration programs.

There were two main waves of Hungarian emigrants to Venezuela; after WWII and after the Hungarian revolution against the Soviet regime in 1956.

The 350 newcomers are already registered in language classes and have accommodation for the first 12-months of their integration. Although the Hungarian ruling party, Fidesz, has built its campaign on migrant-hatred and on a no-migration standpoint, it is not the first case that the government gives right of asylum to another nation’s refugees. In November 2018, Hungarian authorities made an exception and granted asylum to Macedonian PM Nikola Gruevski, which was also all over the independent media. Regarding the most recent case, the Hungarian government media still does not report about Venezuelan immigrants coming to the country.

Source: bbc.com

  1. The BBC spreads a lot of Globalist BS! The fact that Hungary recently accepted 350 Venezuelans (mostly of Hungarian origin) proves that Hungary is not against legal migration. It simply reserves the right, as would any sovereign nation, to decide who they will take and not be forced by other countries to take anyone they don’t want.

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