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The beauty of Transylvania captured on magical photos

The beauty of Transylvania captured on magical photos

Transylvania is a real paradise for the lovers of mountains, verdure forests and intact traditions. Capturing the beauty of the region is a noble task and photographer Alex Robciuc was happy to share his results with the whole world. You must see his incredible work 🙂

The beauty and romantic atmosphere of the Transylvanian landscape makes you feel like you’ve travelled to the world of fairy-tales and legends. The young photographer wanted to capture this unique atmosphere that can’t be experienced anywhere else.

According to, Alex Robciuc is the fan of the Transylvanian landscape, and he has shared several thematic photo series that depict the region through his eyes. His photos were viewed by more than half a million people on BoredPanda, and his work has been praised by several internationally acknowledged websites.

The photographer introduces his photos through a short lead, in which he writes that he photographed the sunrise and the sunset from different angles and locations over the past year.

“Places with strange and supernatural beauty, and I often felt that time stopped in these places… the feeling was odd, as if you were waiting for the characters from grandma’s stories, or characters from the complex history of these places, to appear in front of you.”

He tried to reproduce what he felt in these places through certain post-processing techniques. The locations he visited included mountain villages, hill fortresses, vineyards, castles, forests and traditional villages.

Looking at his breath-taking photos, it’s not hard to see why the Transylvanian landscape captivates so many people 🙂

For more amazing photos, check out Alex Robciuc’s Facebook page or website.

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