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The Hungarian capital has a lot to offer both to tourists and locals. Even though there is a lot to see and do outdoors in Budapest, sometimes, it is good to have a backup plan with a list of indoor activities – either to hide away from the occasional downpour or to get a break from the summer heat. Here is a list you may find helpful.

CSOPA Science Centre

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The CSOPA Science Centre is an excellent destination for families with children of any age, as well as for fun-loving adults. It is a perfect place if you want to learn while also having fun and enjoying yourself. There are thematic exhibitions and fascinating lectures, games and tools to demonstrate physical phenomena, as well as 5D, 9D, and circle cinema ride movies, offering a truly unique experience. There are also four different escape room options, giving you a taste of this exciting activity that has become an integral part of Budapest.

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Cyberjump Trampoline Park

The Cyberjump Trampoline Park is perfect for when it is cold out, but you still want to let off some steam and do exercise in a fun way. As one of Europe’s largest trampoline facilities, it offers 1,400 square metres of assets for people of all ages. It is one of those places where you may not even realise how much exercise you got until your session is over. You have the option of playing various ball games with the added twist of being on trampolines. There are also areas where you can practice your gymnastics skills. In addition, if you are a fan of the Ninja Warrior entertainment competition, you will be glad to know that you can try a version of that obstacle course in the Cyberjump Trampoline Park.

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House of Houdini

The House of Houdini is the one and only exhibition in Europe that pays homage to Harry Houdini, who had Hungarian roots. Located in the Castle District of Budapest, close to the Matthias Church and the Fisherman’s Bastion, the place is already worth visiting just to explore the surrounding area. Be prepared that the museum is quite small, but those who are fans of Houdini and magic will find it fascinating.

There is a collection of Houdini’s rarely-seen, famous objects, such as some of his handcuffs. There are also items that are from the film set of the movie Houdini, starring Adrien Brody. Visitors can enjoy a magic show, too, at the end of their tour.

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If you are also one of those people who dream about being able to fly, Skyward is just the place for you. It is Hungary’s first freefall simulator, where you can get a taste of that dream-like, weightless state, hovering above the ground with the wind in your face. It is a truly unique experience that you have to try at least once in your life, and what better opportunity than when it is too cold or too hot to do anything outside in Budapest? 😉

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If none of these activities appeal to you, you can always return to classic activities such as the Budapest thermal baths or visiting one of the many museums of the city, perhaps even the selfie museum.









Source: Daily News Hungary

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