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The best no-frills destinations from Budapest in 2018

The best no-frills destinations from Budapest in 2018 — following the American example — made a list of eight destinations where Hungarian travellers are recommended to go this year if they long for some excitement and adventure. All these targets are easily accessible and have a reasonable price, but they are also pleasant and gorgeous.

Paphos, Cyprus

Ryanair is about to relaunch its flight to Paphos to make the seaside town accessible for people in need of a calm place.  Between two waves of rest, it is worth visiting the ancient ruins and the botanical garden called “Aphrodite’s Bath”. The highest mountain of the island, Troodos is approachable through many tourist paths.  Though swimming in the sea is not recommended in spring, the blooming nature provides a spectacular view and a charming atmosphere.

The Azores


The Azores is an archipelago belonging to Portugal, accessible from Lissabon and Porto. The island of Sao Miguel is a mixture of emerald green grass, palm trees and geysers.  Visitors can roam the island by car or on foot, but it is a good idea to prepare for the extremely unpredictable weather. The most celebrated natural attraction of the island is Sete Cidades, the twin lakes, one of them is green, and the other one is blue.

La Palma

Though all the Canary Islands are accessible by plane, La Palma is probably the best choice. The island, which is not too crowded with tourists despite its wonders, is called La Isla Bonita (The Wonderful Island) in Spanish. The area is famous for its volcanos: there is even a half marathon related to these pools of lava. This path lies between El Pilar observatory and the city of Los Canario. The highest peak of Spain, Teide can be seen from the mountainside. Visitors can access the nearer Canary Islands by boat, the further ones by plane through Canary Fly that offers tickets from even 20 euros.

Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The ruined bridge was rebuilt after the war so that it can be visited again in its full brilliance. It is recommended to visit Mostar outside the tourist season as it is a popular attraction in Bosnia and Herzegovina.  The city is accessible by train from Sarajevo, where travellers can get for dimes. You can also go by car, but let’s just say that the Balkans and traffic do not make a good team.    Whatever vehicle you choose, it is highly recommended to sit next to a window and admire Neretva’s gorgeous valley on the way.

Marrakech, Morocco

If you manage to avoid the off-peak period, Marrakech is an ideal place for leisure, and it is easily accessible through Ryanair’s flights. Spring and autumn seem to be the best choices to keep away from the summer crowd and heat and the autumn rains. The city is famous mostly for its fabulous marketplaces covering every street, selling everything from delicate spices to antiques. Visitors can find themselves in a mixture of slums and Oriental Romanticism. One thing is sure: the flow of life never stops among merchants and artists.

Stavanger, Norway

It is not the city of Stavanger that might attract tourists but its environment. The most exciting attractions related to the Norwegian oil drilling settlement can be found in nature, like the cliffs of the famous Preikestolen. It is a good idea to calculate that the peak is covered in snow even in May, which makes climbing the steep slopes nearly impossible. The fascinating panorama with mountain lakes, tundra and arid plateaus, however, makes hikers’ efforts worth. Whenever you stop for a rest during the climb, you can admire an endless lot of fjords covering the area.

Sifnos, Greece

Spending your vacation in Greece is probably a cliché among European tourists, but only a few travellers realise the merits of the areas outside Crete, Rhodes and Corfu. Sifnos, for example, certainly worth a try. The quiet island covered in rocky beaches and forests can be easily accessed through Ryanair and Wizz Air’s cheaper flights to Athens, and the boats are departing from the harbours of Piraeus. Ships arrive at the town of Kamares, which is a fascinating town with sandy beaches and restaurants alongside the coast.  On the other side of the island, almost a day can be spent in the historical castle area, but it is also worth to just just take a walk among the typical white and blue houses, narrow streets and cobblestone roads.

Inverness, Scotland

It is the place where the monster of Loch Ness lives.  Inverness is the most significant city in the Scottish Highlands, but it still resembles a quiet lakeside town with fantastic panorama and a castle on the hilltop. Loch Ness itself can be approached from the town by ship through the river. Naturally, those who do not intend to hunt the legendary creature can also find entertainment in hiking to the fascinating Applecross or getting to the island of Skye. Visitors may even encounter seals in this area. The easiest way to Inverness is from Edinburgh (with Ryanair) or Glasgow (with Wizz Air).   Nature lovers may take off from the train from Edinburgh at Cairngorms National Park to end the journey to Inverness during an exciting hiking.


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