If you would like to experiment a bit with different nations’ cuisines, then this compilation might come in handy. A visit or living in Budapest does not mean that you have to stick with Hungarian cuisine (although it is delicious), so Funzine has collected 12 of the best restaurants where you can taste international meals. Join us for the first round of six.

Russia: Arany Kaviár

Here: Ostrom u. 19, 1015 Budapest

As soon as you step into Arany Kaviár restaurant, you will feel like you’re in the czar-era Russia. The owner, Szása Nyíri, aims to help people get to know Russian cuisine better with the help of a combination of traditions, experimenting with tastes and an energetic atmosphere. There’s a wide range of caviars on their menu, such as sturgeon caviar (the sturgeons were raised at Hungarian fish farms), or Osetra caviar, or a rarity, the sterlet caviar. Apart from caviars, you can taste various Russian dishes and meals prepared from fish, so you will surely find something that is to your taste at Arany Kaviár.

It was even featured as one of the finest restaurants in Budapest by The Culture Trip not long ago.

photo: https://www.facebook.com/AranyKaviarEtterem/

France: Araz

Here: Dohány u. 42, 1074 Budapest

Araz invites you on an exciting gastronomic journey, spiced with special tastes and extraordinary meals. The chef at Araz is Áron Barka, who is a genius at mixing the specialities and traditions of the French and Hungarian cuisine. The elegant meals were inspired during the time he spent in France when he learnt of techniques and ingredients that have since become essential to modern gastronomy. The dishes at Araz are prepared from fresh ingredients and will enchant both tourists and locals.

photo: https://www.facebook.com/arazrestaurant/

China: Wan Hao

Here: Jegenye u. 30, 1107 Budapest

The authentic meals from Guangzhou (or Canton), the Bao and Jiao served in homemade bamboo baskets, the soups and ragús served in clay bowls and wok dishes are just a few of the many delicious culinary wonders served at Wan Hao. The restaurant is in a used-to-be factory building and has become the meeting point for the local Chinese community. You should definitely check out Wan Hao not only for their food but also for

the creative way they’ve renovated the old building mixing retro with Asian mood.

Craving some street food? These are the best places in Budapest to try

South America: Arriba! Taqueria

Here: Teréz krt. 25, 1067 and Széna tér 1a, 1015

The Arriba Taquerias are easily one of the most popular restaurants in Budapest, bringing you the authentic flavours of South America. They have Texan style chilli with looots of ground meat, beans, onions and chilli, so it’s definitely worth a trip. Another reason why we recommend Arriba is that they have a delivery service, so if you’re really busy, you can order food to your office. Still, if you can, check out their restaurants at least once: the food is heavenly and the mood is uplifting.

photo: https://www.facebook.com/Arriba.Taqueria/

Lebanon: Baalbek Lebanese Restaurant

Here: Váci u. 34, 1052

This restaurant is one of the most interesting representatives of the Near East cuisine. At this authentic Lebanese restaurant, the halal dishes are prepared by strictly following the traditional recipes. Thanks to the chef of Baalbek and their personal experience along with their passion for the Arabian kitchen,

it is guaranteed that you will feel like you’re in Lebanon.

It is not only the food though that will take your hand and guide you through Lebanon, but also the interior design, the authentic music and the unique Arabian hospitality. Spice this up with a hookah, Arabian tea and coffee, and there you go: the perfect restaurant.

photo: https://www.facebook.com/BaalbekLebaneseRestaurant/

Italy: Cose Nostre Budapest

Here: Kazinczy u. 11, 1075

George Miller once said that ‘The trouble with eating Italian food is that five or six days later you’re hungry again’ and we couldn’t agree more (who couldn’t, really?). If you want to make sure that Miller was right, then head straight to the newest street food restaurant of the party quarter, to Cose Nostre Budapest. You can stuff your tummy with delicious pizza and real Italian ice cream (thanks to Fragola). After you’re almost full, order a round of prosecco and let your imagination roam, cheating you into believing that you’re actually in Italy.

photo: https://www.facebook.com/cosenostrebudapest/

Stay tuned for part 2 🙂

featured image:  https://www.facebook.com/BaalbekLebaneseRestaurant

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  1. You can also include Saffron Rose
    Persian Restaurant.
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    Very quality and well priced.

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