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A charlatan tried to sell carpets to elderly people and a duo of criminals rob a jeweller and take HUF 4 million (€ 11,000) worth of jewels from the store. Also, there was a double murder in Kisláng. The suspect is a 26-year-old man who kills a couple.

Police reported, that in Budapest a swindler tried to extort money from elderly people with a trick. The Romanian man said that he was from Iran and that his carpet was a Persian rug. He was kind to his victims and even offered them a ride home in his car.

At first, the charlatan tried to offer the carpet for his victims free of charge, but when they arrived at the location of the elderly person, he immediately changed his behaviour.

He had always managed to force more money out of his victims than what the rug was worth. The charlatan was operating in district II of Budapest. One time he even tricked one of the elderly victims to walk with him to an ATM and once there,

the swindler pressed another zero on the machine and ran away with HUF 100,000 (€ 274) instead of HUF 10,000 (€ 27,4).

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The investigators of the Budapest Police Headquarters have managed to detain the charlatan and his helper back in November 2020 and the two Romanian men are now at the hands of the prosecutor’s office with six charges of fraud for the charlatan and one charge of assisting with the crime for the helper.

In another case, two men robbed a jewellery store and managed to escape with a big hit, a total of € 11,000.

The Police have not yet found the perpetrators, but a camera recorded them as they left. The authorities are asking for the help of anyone who might have any idea about their identity and whereabouts. The stolen jewels include watches, rings, necklaces, bracelets and medals.

The Fejér County Police Headquarters reports that a 26-year-old man from Kisláng has been caught a mere hour after the two victims’ bodies were found.

The crime was found out when on early Sunday morning a man did not find his friend. When he decided to visit the other man’s home, he was shocked to find blood trails around the house. He immediately called the authorities and thanks to the thorough search and expertise of the investigators, the assumed perpetrator has been caught and awaiting further action. The 26-year-old is accused of murder.

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