Beauty means something different for everyone; however, there were women in history who were commonly thought to be beautiful from different aspects. Have you ever wondered what the most emblematic women in history truly looked like and what they were like? The 28 most beautiful women in history come to life in the book of Dr Robert Richard Kiss, which is not your ordinary book and definitely a good choice!

most beautiful womenThis book is a unique experiment. The author decided to publish the imaginary photos of legendary women, from Helen of Troy to Cleopatra, the Queen of Sheba and Marilyn Monroe. He shows how the most beautiful women in history are perceived by a European journalist and writer.

He attempts to portray what Sappho was like and how would the wife of the last Chinese emperor look like if she lived in our time.

This book is about the women who have influenced the course of history with their charm, exquisite taste, wisdom, sophistication, treachery, evilness or noble deeds. The women, who have contributed to the world we live in now.

The author left the last page blank. This is where you can stick in the picture of your choice; write down your thoughts about the woman who is the most important to you, who you think the most beautiful, enticing; the one that you couldn’t live without.

most beautiful women sappho


Dr Robert Richard Kiss depicts the historical women as they live in him. He asked photographers, models, stylists to make his visons come true. The characters of the book are Hungarian photo models and winners of beauty contests.

robert richard kissThe author, Dr Robert Richard Kiss is a Prima Primissima Award and Pulitzer Memorial Prize winning journalist. He wrote five books on the fantastic hotels of the world and a book about the most beautiful islands on earth. His articles appear in newspapers, radio and television shows in five countries.

The book has been published in English as well and you can order it from Amazon, which is a great accomplishment for a Hungarian, as a book really has to be impeccable and unique to make it into the market of bestsellers. According to Amazon’s practice, you can read the first 6 pages for free, and then order the book for a very reasonable price.


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Source: Daily News Hungary

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