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Sacha Baron Cohen’s name was connected to crazy characters like Borat, Ali G, and Bruno while other times he did pseudo-interviews with people by assuming a fake personality. However, now he is going to play a spy in a series done by Netflix. 

The series’ plot is based on a true story. It was shot in Hungary, and Borat is going to play the main character in the Israeli/Arabic spy drama – Index reported

“The spy” – watch the trailer below:

In short, the series is going to tell the story of Eli Cohen, an Israeli spy who was sent in the 1960s to Syria for a secret mission. According to the official description, Sacha Baron Cohen is going to play a man who wanted nothing else but to serve his country. However, he did that so well that in the end, he could not get rid of his “other self.”

We reported HERE that during the shooting, which took place last year, Cohen visited the Sziget Festival 2018 together with his wife, Isla Fisher.

The new Netflix-series is directed by Gideon Raff who also did the Prisoners of War, an Israeli series on which Homeland was based and won the Emmy-award for the best drama series with Claire Danes in the main role. Interestingly, Homeland was also shot in Hungary, and in one of the episodes, one can easily notice a billboard of former PM Ferenc Gyurcsány, leader of the leftist opposition party Democratic Coalition.

Here is the video:

In any case, “The spy” is going to premiere on 6 September on Netflix. 

If you are interested in more films and series shot in Hungary, click HERE. Curious why so many movie makers choose Budapest and Hungary as filming location? There are many reasons like the stunning shooting locations, the well-trained yet cheaper crews, but, perhaps most importantly, the tax rebates. Click HERE for more.


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