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Nature’s (the most well-known science journal) editorial staff lists the enemies of science in its article of 7th August. Thanks to the notice of 444 (news portal) we can see that Jair Bolsonaro, Donald Trump, the Turkish, and the Hungarian governments are all present on this list.

According to the article – 

The survival of the human race depends on whether science manages to rise above politics or not. 

Michael Gove, British MP, is also mentioned. To scholars who warned the government about the risks of Brexit he answered:

“I think the people of this country have had enough of experts.”

British PM Boris Johnson would welcome scientists In Great Britain from all over the world. He would attract “the most brilliant minds” into the country by providing fast-track visas for them. His main goal is to “supercharge UK science” with the best researchers from the fields of science and technology. 

Boris Johnson science

Johnson would wipe out the Tier 1 visa’s limitation number of special talents that have facilitated the employment of 2000 experts every year. He promises more universities and the extension of research centres. The British prime minister wants the UK to become a scientific superpower in the world, and he ensured scientists that the government will support science and research after Brexit the same way.  

“We’re going to turn the UK into a supercharged magnet, drawing scientists like iron filings from around the world.”

– said Johnson shining his knowledge of physics. All this sounds nice, but in the meantime, scientists are worried about losing access to all the joint research projects with the EU, thanks to Brexit. This way, the country would never become the “magnet of scientists”, and continuing scientific life on the same level will become impossible.




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