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Like Locals is a new generation application for your phone, which is also free, and available for both iPhone and Android. Like Locals offers unique sights that are recommended by the locals themselves, and the tours are combined with the excitement of a scavenger hunt.

Creators of the app promise

“Free self-guided walking tours created by those who know the city best – the locals! Follow the best local recommendations and discover the hidden gems, secret hangouts, and enjoy the city like locals.”

Like Locals

With the help of Like Locals, you can explore Budapest with the help of those who lived here all their lives to gain a truly authentic experience. Apart from Budapest, users can also explore Barcelona and London with the help of the app. There are 30 tours (or footprints as the app calls them) for each city.

These tours are peculiar because the main checkpoints are special sights (usually not included in traditional walking tours), and the tours are compiled by the locals. Users can get to know each footprint better with the help of personal stories from the locals. Naturally, the creators want to add more cities to their collection in the future.

Szeretlekmagyarorszá writes that the developers of the app aim to revolutionise tourism and create an app that fit the needs of generation Y. They wanted their users to have a personalised and authentic experience. Not to mention that locals might reveal their favourite hidden bars, restaurants and exhibitions that travellers would never have heard of from official guide books or tour guides of the most well-known travel agencies. This app can also help boost the revenue of small, local businesses that deserve just as much recognition.

CEO and co-founder of Like Locals Gabriella Csányi emphasised that user reviews and feedback are very important for them to perfect the user experience. She also said that their main aim is to make sure that the users get an authentic, personalised and unique travel experience, which fit the needs of generation Y perfectly.

Like Locals can be downloaded both from the Apple Store and from Google Play.

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