Hungary coronavirus new rules
Budapest, 2021. július 16. A Miniszterelnöki Sajtóiroda által közreadott képen Orbán Viktor kormányfõ interjút ad a Jó reggelt, Magyarország! címû mûsorban a Kossuth rádió stúdiójában 2021. július 16-án. MTI/Miniszterelnöki Sajtóiroda/Fischer Zoltán

The government is making a third round of vaccines available from August 1 — to be administered four months after the second — and vaccination will be made mandatory for health-care workers, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán told public broadcaster Kossuth Rádió on Friday, citing the spread of the Delta variant.

Due to the Delta variant, people who are not vaccinated yet are in greater danger than ever before, Orbán warned. Elderly citizens who have so far not accepted the vaccine will receive personal visits to convince them to accept the jab, he said.

Also, children over the age of 12 will have the opportunity to receive the coronavirus vaccine on the first two days of the academic year (Sept 1 and 2), Orbán said.

Some 13-14 percent of 12-15-year-olds have already received the vaccine,

he added, with a vaccination rate among 16-18-year-olds of around 45 percent.

The prime minister said Hungary remains one of the safest countries in Europe in terms of herd immunity, with the number of fully inoculated citizens exceeding that in Germany or the United Kingdom.

Orbán advised Hungarians to travel abroad only if they are fully inoculated.

“During a crisis, all opinions expressed that create uncertainty are problematic, and everything that weakens joint action supporting the community is harmful,” Orbán said. That is especially true during a pandemic when human lives are at stake, he said.

The “true danger”, he said, was politicians advising the public on tests and vaccines,

he said. Commenting on Hungary’s child protection law, he said sex education was a matter for parents and this, he added, was “confirmed by European documents”. Children can participate in sex education with the agreement of the parent, but no one except the teacher and people approved by the principal can do so, he noted.

“We feel they want to take our children away from us,”

Orbán said. He noted that he had not been invited to the debate in the European Parliament as was his wont when the situation was “crucial”. Orbán said the issue wasn’t just a Hungarian one, referring to a similar situation in Italy, Romania and Lithuania. If Lithuania has managed to protect its interests, then Hungary will succeed, too, he said.

Noting UEFA’s sanctions against Hungarian football, Orban said

“double standards” had become prevalent in Europe.

He said linking EU funds to a legal dispute was “unacceptable” because EU monies were not donations but something Hungarians had worked hard for and had a right to.

Hungary’s recovery programmes, he said, would be launched from the budget even if EU money is unavailable. The language and framework of the debate may appear a legal matter, but the actual matter itself was political, he said, adding that children were “held sacred” in Hungary. “We can’t let sexual propagandists into our schools.”

Orbán accused Brussels of abusing its power and “forcing on us what we don’t want”. “Our children and their upbringing is all about their freedom,” he said. Orbán called the European Commission’s standpoint on the matter

“shameful” and he accused it of “legal hooliganism”.

Both family law and education, he added, were national competences, and Brussels had nothing to do with them. He appealed to Hungarians who “consider the government’s ability to protect the interests of parents as essential” to fill in the National Consultation survey.

Source: MTI

  1. Orban is very spot on about all the issues discussed in this article! The EU Bureaucrats in the same time, should be ashamed, and should apologise before kicked out by the awakening masses!

  2. No one can convince someone else they are gay. That is a ridiculous notion. You either are, or you are not. I am surprised that a prime minister of a European country would say anything so unscientific and disproven.
    Oh, look there are gay people behind you!! You didn’t see me steal EU funds and give them to my friends! no, you were seeing things, nothing to look at here. Amazing how he became PM even more amazing is that people voted for him.

  3. A diplomatic way for the regime to admit the failure of the overpaid sino poison.

  4. Stop comparing statistics with countries that have a bigger population. Germany has 84,060,941, UK 68,254,572 and Hungary 9,634,164. If the government wants to compare then use like for like. With numbers like that of course Hungary will come out looking better! Jeepers, how daft do they think we are. Failed to mention how high the death toll has been, for a country this size it’s terrible. Basically they’re admitting the sinopharm vaccine isn’t as effective, paid over the odds for it too. The PM is worried about his own position as the election is only months away. Dirty politics and scaremongering, and when all else fails then blame ‘the left’!

  5. I support PM Viktor Orban, defender of Hungary, the Hungarian people and Europe! Stay Strong! Stay Hungarian!

  6. “The “true danger”, he said, was politicians advising the public on tests and vaccines”. Think Mr Orbán has shot himself in the foot with this one! Straight from the horse’s mouth!

  7. To “Edit”
    Get your facts right before you say IRRESPONSIBLE things.

    The death-rate was due to malnutrition and poor health-care in earlier years.
    It takes a couple generations to rectify this sort of “deficiency”.

    Hungary is made-up of enormously brave people.
    We “dealt” with communism, we will deal with the EU (backed by Soros money) as well.
    Can’t you see, he wants to destroy Europe and you idiots are helping him.
    We will NEVER be slaves to SICK IDEOLOGIES.

  8. FORTHELOVEOFTHECOUNTRY, AlfredE.Neuman, or whatever stupid name you go under, Edit’s facts are right. I know it’s obviously difficult for you but try and think before posting your narrow minded rants. People have called you a menace and they’re right, you idiot.

  9. To FORTHELOVEOFTHECOUNTRY. You realise nothing you wrote made sense. So you’re saying in about 70 – 90 years time the health-care should be ok?! Blindly following the leader AGAIN 🤣

  10. and vaccination will be made mandatory for health-care workers,
    looks like the same as the French and macron etc ,,
    all sining from the same hymn book ,
    in the uk,, NHS app, controls millions , illegally ,
    its all about control of the working poor, keep us poor ,
    and the end of cheap credit ,for us,??
    ,to compete with china ??
    ,who are winning ,

  11. Please Hungary. Leave the European Union! Join Russia and China and be happy!

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