A British couple has got bored with their convenient life, and with a bold decision, they chose a new home. They left Great Britain and moved to Hungary because they could find a house here which they can afford -– a quite modest farm. There is no electricity, water conduit and or gas, however, as they said, there is happiness finally.

While masses of people are moving from Hungary to Western-Europe in the hope of work and higher life standard; a British couple left just in the opposite direction. While others gladly leave behind a dilapidated house for a more comfortable home, they rather chose in Gadács, in Somogy county, a ramshackle real estate being empty for years, as because this is what they found for the money they had.


The limit was Ft 5000 (approximately £13,.60). They bought the farmhouse for Ft 3000 and they spent Ft 2000 on the most urgent renovations.

Julia Pryke and Gareth Shone had lived in Berkshie before. The woman worked as a hairdresser and the man as a shoemaker. But they were really tired of the convenient weekdays and they were determined to change. Their new life can not be compared to their former one at all, and they do not even bother about not speaking any Hungarian.

The house really is really simple. The necessary amount of energy is produced by a solar cell, they heat with a stove, water is only available in the court, and they also have a shower there. They have an earth closet, the biomass being under the closet is also utilized. When they moved there, they did not have anything to cook on. By now, a wood-burning cooker, which they bought for about £70, solved this problem, too.

There is a separate bedroom and a living room in the house, but it is most probably their dog, Pepper has the most convenient place-a classic, lined dog couch.

Julia and Gareth spend £6 on their subsistence every day, but they intend to reduce even this amount by cultivating everything possible in their pot-garden, and by raising chickens and rabbits.


The young couple seems confident but, according to the colleagues at the British Channel 5, even they couple gotwere shocked when they saw the condition of the house they had bought, for the first time what condition the house which they had bought was in. At home, everyone was telling them that they would make an enormous mistake with the moving, and, at the beginning, they also shared this opinion.
The first months were extremely hard times because they spent their energy on saving the house from collapsing. Moreover, their parents were also not amazed at all either that their children started their new countryside life far away form their homeland – As The Daily Mail writes about them.


Some trailers of the episode about them in New Lives In The Wild on Channel 5 has have already been released. In one of the trailers, you can see the mother looking around dumbfounded at the time of her first visitwhen she had first visited them. The couple had a good laugh on Mum’s reaction, however, it was quite expressive when she declared that she had rather sleeps in the hotel, and she called the shaggy, bristly Gareth “the Guardian of the Wilderness”.

Julia and Gareth are available on Facebook, both have posted extracts previews from to the TV programme, but and they even have also shared photos about their pot-garden and poultry yard.

Photo: © Facebook / Gareth Shone 

translated by Szilvia Fazekas

Source: HVG, Daily Mail

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  1. If Gareth quits smoking, they will also reduce on their subsistence.

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