Hungary football fans

They wrote that what Hungary lacks in footballing skills makes up for with its national anthem, the ‘Himnusz’. 

Furthermore, they added that the Hungarian anthem has been used since 1989 and it is twice the length of the God Save the Queen. Furthermore, they published the full English version of the Hungarian anthem from which the first verse you can find in the end of this article.

Of course, the 1989 date is not true since the Hungarian national anthem has been used since 1844 though officially it was included in the Hungarian constitution only in 1989. Even , at the beginning of the 1950s, during the darkest days of the communist dictatorship, Mátyás Rákosi, the leader of the communist party, was not able to change the national anthem of Hungary. Want to read more about the Hungarian national anthem? Here is a good introductory article:

However, this is not the only mistake the British tabloid made. For example, they mentioned Dominik Szoboszlai among the key players of the Hungarian soccer squad even though Mr Szoboszlai is not going to play in the EURO2020 because of an injury.

And finally, here you can read the national anthem of Hungary. The anthem contains eigh verses, but only the first is sung.

Verse 1

O God, bless the nation of Hungary
With your grace and bounty
Extend over it your guarding arm
During strife with its enemies
Long torn by ill fate
Bring upon it a time of relief
This nation has suffered for all sins
Of the past and of the future!

Source:, Daily News Hungary

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