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Brussels failing to guarantee Europe’s security, says Hungarian FM in Warsaw

Brussels failing to guarantee Europe’s security, says Hungarian FM in Warsaw

Because of Brussels’s failure to guarantee Europe’s security, NATO must now play an enhanced role on the continent, Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó said on Monday.

Brussels should have been busy restoring security to Europe and the European people instead of continually criticising certain member states, he told MTI after attending in Warsaw a foreign ministerial meeting of NATO member states in central and eastern Europe.

The second anniversary of the Paris terrorist attack is approaching and 27 terrorist attacks have been committed in Europe since then, resulting in 330 deaths and 1,300 injured, he noted. This clearly demonstrates that the institutions in Brussels are not up to the task of handling the security risks involved in the migration crisis, he said.

Only Hungary and the Visegrad Group countries have managed to stop the wave of illegal migrants, and a migration agreement with Turkey has blocked the route of migrants through the western Balkans, he said.

Otherwise, the European Union is defenceless, Szijjártó said. “NATO must play a much greater role in guaranteeing Europe’s security, and we urge NATO to play an enhanced role in stopping the wave of migrants over the seas that surround Europe in the south.

It is necessary to strengthen Mediterranean and Aegean Sea operations,” Szijjártó said.

The European security situation would be impossible to handle without NATO playing an increased role, he added.

Photo: MTI

Source: MTI

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  1. peter

    Years ago I helped design fairground equipment for Vidam Park in budapest and have fond memories of the warmth of the people there but now the EU’s grip on the countries is so bad that there will be total trouble in Europe. Hungary will NOT be able to stop imposed quotas of migrants genuine or economic, the only saving grace is the new European Army that all the member states will have to support, don’t forget that this will be by conscription, who said we would be better off in the EU, it’ll be like going back to the Germany V Russia days, so glad I will be 2 meters under ground when the cross border starts, I wish Hungary all the luck and thanks for the fond memories.

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