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As the Christmas season approaches, many of us start to plan festive shopping trips or a last minute getaway. This is always a time-consuming process because in many cases we do not know exactly what and where we would like to buy. Budapest offers several opportunities; a wide range of clothes, ornaments, toys, jewellery, etc. The Hungarian capital city is a perfect location to buy our Christmas presents. This statement is strengthened by a brand new international research as well.

MyVoucherCodes’ brand new research studied fifty European cities concering different factors, such as accommodation, a meal for two, the prices of clothes and even Instagrammability, in order to reveal the European Shopper Index. Among the top ten European cities, the Hungarian capital is ranked in the sixth place. The first three on this list are Istanbul, St. Petersburg and Kiev.

Let’s see the research in details!


Most of Budapest’s shops are located in the Pest district, especially around Váci Street. The city also has its own ‘Fashion Street’ too, where you will find all the big designers brands from Hungary and the rest of the world too, e.g. Tommy Hilfiger, Nike, Zara, etc. According to the statistics, customers can choose from a wide range of clothing products with an excellent prize. Overall – besides Fashion Street – 243 shopping activities are available in Budapest.

  • Pair of Designer Jeans: 56 Euros
  • Ladies Dress: 25 Euros
  • Nike Trainers: 66 Euros
  • Men’s Leather Shoes:  79 Euros

One of Budapest’s most beautiful streets is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year.

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Besides the well-known fast food restaurants (e.g. McDonald’s, KFC, Burger King) that can be found in shopping malls and the city centre, do not forget the amazing restaurants, conditories, and cafes Budapest offers. Among the restaurants with international cuisines, there are several places where one can taste the finest traditional Hungarian dishes. An average fast food meal (fries, burger and soft drink) is approximately 4 Euros, while a meal for two in a restaurant costs 28 Euros.

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The Hungarian capital offers several hotels, motels, and apartments where tourists can stay during their visit to Budapest. The most famous ones are Intercontinental Budapest, Danubius Hotel Gellért, Hotel Belvedere Budapest and The Ritz Carlton Hotel. Each hotel has a different prices for a one-night stay. The average prize tourists pays for accommodation in Budapest’s finest hotels starts from 90 Euros.

If someone would like to stay in a motel or hostel, a one-night stay costs approximately 64 Euros or less.

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While staying in Budapest, we do not need to travel by public transportation. Travelling by taxi is also an option. According to the statistics, 1 km taxi ride costs only 1 Euro.


The Hungarian capital city is famous for its incredible view, bridges and historical sites. Several statistics shows that Budapest attracts more and more tourists from all over the world each year. Many pictures and videos are taken of several sites of the city and usually posted on Instagram.

The statistics revealed that approximately 10,769,293 hashtags were related to Budapest this year.

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