German company kfzteile24 set up a list about the interoperability of 100 cities by car, as reported. The results were interesting on both ends.

The new chart of kfzteile24 about the car-friendly factors in each city revealed some interesting facts. The creators of the chart examined how easily a driver can get through the average traffic of each city. The list included 100 cities and mostly focused on the driver’s experience as a tourist. Budapest was also among the studied places.

The main criteria were the average speed while getting from the inner city to the airport, and the percentage of encountering a bottleneck during the trip.

They have also recorded the data of public transport, the cost of parking and fuel, level of air pollution, number of accidents — and how many of them are lethal — and the quality of the roads. Kfzteile24 excluded the periods with a road works in progress on the given road section.

The 10 most car-friendly cities are the following due to the total results (the first number marks the percentage of bottlenecks, the second marks the average speed):

  1. Dusseldorf, Germany 20%, 33.9 km/h
  2. Dubai, United Arab Emirates: 26%, 50.7 km/h
  3. Zurich, Switzerland: 31%, 40.8 km/h
  4. Tokyo, Japan 26%, 48.8 km/h
  5. Basel, Switzerland: 27%, 28 km/h
  6. Singapore, Singapore: 38%, 51.8 km/h
  7. Dortmund, Germany: 23%, 31.8 km/h
  8. Vienna, Austria: 31%, 44.8 km/h
  9. Munich, Germany 30%, 43.8 km/h
  10. Calgary, Canada: 20%, 42.9 km/h

And how about the 10 least car-friendly cities? They are the following:

  1. Kolkata, India: 69%, 17.9 km/h
  2. Karachi, Pakistan: 59%, 17.9 km/h
  3. Lagos, Nigeria: 60%, 17.1 km/h
  4. Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia: 65%, 34.9 km/h
  5. Mumbai, India: 67%, 12.9 km/h
  6. Bengaluru, India: 64%, 29.9 km/h
  7. Ho Si Minh City, Vietnam: 64%, 23.8 km/h
  8. Bogota, Colombia: 48%, 20 km/h
  9. Mexico City, Mexico: 66%, 28 km/h
  10. Istanbul, Turkey: 49%, 18.8 km/h

From these two lists we might draw the conclusion that Germany is probably the most car-friendly country, while the least inoperable one is India.

Budapest didn’t get on any of the toplists:

Hungary’s capital ranks 54th on the chart.

More exactly, an average 22% of the day is spent waiting and dragging in a bottleneck, and the average speed between the inner city and the airport is 26.88 km/h.

Photo: Daily News Hungary

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