Zurich was the most forward-looking city overall, achieving the highest scores in the study on the three core measures: technology, sustainability and internet connectivity. Budapest is in the Top20.

HomeToGo, the world’s largest accommodation search engine, has conducted it’s annual report into the most forward-looking cities in Europe. As we are at the turn of a new decade, this study reveals which tech-focused, sustainable and connected metropolis’ are likely to be relevant in the coming years.

The index assesses 29 cities around Europe, rating them across three core pillars – technology, sustainability and connectivity– to come up with an overall score.

Zurich achieved the highest scores overall.

The Swiss finance capital has the highest proportion of technology-led companies out of any cities in the ranking.

Progressive Scandinavia features heavily in the study, with three countries, Denmark, Sweden and Norway making the toplist.

The United Kingdom is the country with the largest number of forward-looking cities – with 7 in the final list. London was the most sustainable city in the ranking with a score of 74%.

Budapest takes the 18th position, from the neighbour country Vienna is 6th, Warsaw is 21st. 

These are the top 20 most forward-looking cities in Europe for 2020:

1. Zurich, Switzerland
2. Stockholm, Sweden
3. Copenhagen, Denmark
4. Oslo, Norway
5. Munich, Germany
6. Vienna, Austria
7. Edinburgh, UK
8. Amsterdam, Netherlands
9. London, UK
10. Paris, France
11. Frankfurt, Germany
12. Dublin, Ireland
13. Rotterdam, Netherlands
14. Antwerp, Belgium
15. Barcelona, Spain
16. Madrid, Spain
17. Geneva, Switzerland
18. Budapest, Hungary
19. Glasgow, UK
20. Lisbon, Portugal

Source: HomeToGo

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