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New Year’s Eve 2020 is just around the corner, and while pretty much every city in the world rings in the New Year in some way or another, there are a few places that are especially magical to visit.

But which cities are top of people’s lists to ring in the New Year this year? asked their social audience of 1.5 million people where they would love to celebrate NYE, also taking into account city festivities and previous awards for the final round-up.

From dazzling displays of bright, vibrant fireworks to thumping street parties and parades, you’ll find that travelling to a foreign city for New Year’s Eve can be a fun, culturally delightful experience.

And, the best part is that each city infuses its own traditions into the festivities.

From Uruguay to Australia and all the way back around to some of the biggest New Year’s Eve celebrations in Europe and the United States, we’ve rounded up the 50 best places to spend New Year’s Eve 2020. Get ready to barrel into the roaring 20s with a sense of cheerful exuberance.

Where To Celebrate New Year’s Eve 2020

21st. Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is ranked as one of the hottest European travel destinations for 2020, so go on ahead and plan a trip to be there right when the New Year begins. This Hungarian city is home to a vibrant nightlife that spills out onto the shores of the Danube River for New Year’s Eve. Delight in dazzling fireworks or check out the raging parties at the iconic Széchenyi Baths New Year Bath Party on the 30th.

20th. Paris, France
19th. Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
18th. Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe
17th. Orlando, Florida, USA
16th. Belfast, Ireland
15th. Beirut, Lebanon
14th. Dubai, UAE
13th. Stockholm, Sweden
12th. Bali, Indonesia
11th. Edinburgh, Scotland
10th. Cape Town, South Africa
9th. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
8th. Prague, Czech Republic
7th. San Juan, Puerto Rico
6th. Vancouver, Canada

5th. Valparaíso, Chile
When it comes to the best New Year’s Eve fireworks, it’s hard to beat the show that Valparaíso puts on. An incredible display of lights, passion, and power lights up the entire shore of this coastal Chilean city. Festivities start on the 28th of December, which means you’ll be able to enjoy the fun for more than just one evening. Sip a pisco sour and put on your yellow underwear just for good luck and good measure.

4th. New York City, New York, USA
Planning to ring in the arrival of 2020 with the world’s biggest New Year’s Eve celebration? New York’s famous celebrations centre around the Times Square Ball Drop. Roughly one million people are packed into the square, waiting along with billions of TV viewers to watch the Waterford Crystal ball drop at midnight. Twinkling lights and cascading confetti make it an evening you have to experience at least once in your life.

3rd. Sydney, Australia
The Sydney Harbour firework extravaganza is the Southern Hemisphere’s answer to New York City’s Ball Drop. It’s enjoyed by more than a million people who gather along the shore just to get a glimpse. Bring your own bottle of bubbles and enjoy the warm weather as you prepare for an enchanting New Year’s Eve that’s dazzling for visitors of any age.

2nd. Koh Phangan, Thailand
Full moon parties have long been teasing and taunting wild backpackers to the island of Koh Phangan. They’re considered to be a rite of passage for young travellers. But, there’s nothing quite like the one on New Year’s Eve. From alcohol-filled buckets to flaming rings of fire, this is the absolute wildest New Year’s Eve party you’ll ever attend in your life.

1st. Reykjavik, Iceland
Community bonfires kick of New Year’s Eve celebrations in Reykjavik. The bonfires allow you to burn away all your troubles as the spectacular fireworks display light up the star-soaked sky above you. Dazzle and delight in the unique cultural experience as the entire city is illuminated, ringing with the sounds of singing, dancing, and lots of celebration.

Here is the whole list: Big7Travel

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